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  • Colours

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    thought that perhaps, the only colour in real life is white? White light is indeed the bearer of all colours. The colours we see are reflections bouncing off an object or are the light source itself. The light sources change and the colours with them. Colour is not a stable affair. Colour is light alone, but our experience is so direct that we trust our eye and believe that a colour is inherent to an object. Imagine living in a world where everything is white in colour! However, the world we live

  • A Myriad of Colours

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    Once upon a time, a chameleon escaped from the zoo and somehow ended up on a cargo ship. It was a wonder how the chameleon did it. But she was a chameleon, one that can camouflage. It doesn’t make it anymore unbelievable now. So, one day after the chameleon feasted on the leftovers left by the foul-mouthed sailors, She slowly made her way up to the top container. When she reached the top, she felt bliss, being able to see the sunset from the best seat on the ship. Then the ship suddenly jerked. Little

  • The Colour Purple Analysis

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    How the women in The Colour Purple by Alice Walker and The Help by Katheryn Stockett fight back oppression and misogyny and stand up for feminism. One issue present through The Help by Katheryn Stockett, and The Colour Purple by Alice Walker, is segregation and racism between white and black characters in the text. Throughout the early 20th Centaury, racism and segregation was evident in the United States. Although the end of the Civil War in 1865 abolished slavery, many Southern states introduced

  • Experiment Into the Impact of Automatic Processing on Identifying Ink Colour on Colour Related and Colour Neutral Words

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    Experiment into the impact of automatic processing on identifying ink colour on colour related and colour neutral words Abstract It has been proposed that automatic processing, unlike controlled processing, has a lower cost on the resource pool which is beneficial when process several channels of information. This could however have a cost on completion of some tasks because overlearned actions by their nature are difficult to cognitively control. This quantitative study focuses on whether automatic

  • Lavender Mist Colour

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    . The use of colour is also differing between the two works, for Pollock’s work there is a limited colour palette, however in Benglis work there is an irrational use of contrasting colours, this allows the sculpture to stand out and add to the three-dimensional aspect of the work. The media of colour provides a conflicting appearance as the colours in Benglis’s art has a striking appearance and there is a clear distinction between colour, this is drastically different on Pollock’s “Lavender Mist”

  • The Golden Colour Of The Sun

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    rose like a fiery beacon over the capital city of the Kingdom of Atsmaria. The domed top of the tower was crowned with copper sheets, designed by ancient engineers to blaze with a reddish glow whenever the sun rose or set, as it did now. The golden colour cast a sharp contrast to the dull hues of the cliff side upon which it was perched, differing from the grey defensive walls, tall battlements and bastions of indomitable stone which overlooked the brownish-green hues of the rocky slopes. The approach

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    The smell of antiseptic filled my nostril as I gripped my coffee tightly. Swinging my bag over my shoulders, I watched as the other nurses and doctors walked into rooms checking on patients. The sound of familiar beeping rang through the air, as I strolled past the front desk into the hospital break room. I opened the doors and heard the voice of my coworker. “Hey Winter, doctor Christian ask that you check on Eugene, Mina, and Autumn, when you get a chance.” As I sat at a table, my coworker, Luna

  • Crowbar Creative Writing

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    The wind began to howl and rustle the fall leaves scattered on the forest floor. I woke up and hid my stolen sleeping bag in a discreet hole in a tree lining the park. My antique pocket watch woke me up just in time to catch a glimpse of Toby on his afternoon jog. As he took his normal route I hid in the shadows of the the trees and followed him through the elaborate trails of the community park. He stopped for a break, sitting on the stump he always took 5 minutes to recuperate on. I picked up the

  • Teenage Boy Creative Writing

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    "Do I look like the type of person thats gonna put up with your bullshit Antonetti?" I spat, twirling a Marlboro cigarrete between my fingers. It being a habit of mine. I take the pause in converstation to really look at him. Noticing how different he looks from when I last saw him. All his childish features gone, replaced with masculine features any normal hormonal teenage girl (or gay hormanal teenage boys) would swoon at. Shamelessly, I sit and stare at him, taking in the tiny details. I see

  • colour physics Essay

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    Colour Physics 712 words 1.     Colour physics, dispersion of sunlight into colours of the spectrum. (Sir Isaac Newton 1676) Discuss and illustrate Newton’s experiments and beyond, from particle to wave theory. 2.     Research, identify and illustrate how the eye sees colour, reference to light emitted, transmitted and reflected. 1. Sir Isaac Newton, held the theory that light was made up of tiny particles. Around the same period, Christiaan Huygens