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  • Questions On Cadet Wing Commander

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    MEMORANDUM FOR RECORD SUBJECT: How I would return Det. 775 to number 1 as Cadet Wing Commander 1. Being Cadet Wing Commander is something that I really want to do. Before coming to Detachment 775, since coming to USC I have learned that we were once the number one small detachment in the nation and as Cadet Wing Commander I will everything I can in order to return it that status. In order to do this I will try to get everyone involved, I would make sure everyone is on the same page as

  • Reflection Of Master And Commander

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    Master and Commander, produced in 2003 is about the Napoleonic Wars. Although not based on a true story, Master and Commander shows a historically accurate depiction of life on a warship. The film is set in the Atlantic Ocean, headed towards the Pacific. After receiving orders to “burn, sink, or take” the Acheron, the HMS Surprise, a British warship takes heavy fire from the armed French ship. After the a long run of the Ships evading each other, the HMS Surprise finally takes over the Acheron

  • The Armored Brigade Combat Team

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    Training objectives must support the mission profile and meet the commanders desired end state. Prior to the 56TH train up at the National Training Center (NTC) the deployment location changed from Iraq to Afghanistan (case study). Changes to mission essential tasks were not identified prior to NTC, resulting in the BCT

  • A Research Assignment : All Quiet On The Western Front And The Sun Also Rises

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    Research Assignment “I was there” Anoki Jacksch 12Eng61 16.05.14: Introduction The authors, E.M. Remarque, Eric Lomax, Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller and Ernest Hemingway, who became famous, wrote excellent novels, because they were in love, have an underlying issue or have experienced issues that they want to share with the world. I choose to investigate the following novels: All Quiet on the Western Front, The Railway Man, Slaughterhouse-5, Catch-22 and The Sun Also Rises, because they all thematically

  • I Am An Outsider Looking At The Organization As An Insider

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    I am an outsider looking at the organization as an insider due to commanding one of the battalions in 4th ABCT. This strength is also a weakness that can lure me into a false sense of comfort in a time where action is desperately needs. Since my departure the unit has conducted a deployment to Afghanistan and is in the final stage of the reintegration. My brigade is suffering from a lack of mission commitment as a result of several different missions and minimal leadership involvement. In developing

  • The Battle Of Chipyong Ni

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    communication with his unit. He led by example, and fostered a climate that allowed his subordinates to excel. The battle of Chipyong-ni took place from 13-15 February 1951, in the small road hub and railway town of the same name1. The 8th Army Commander, General Ridgeway, determined that it was a key location to keep the Chinese from moving farther south to stabilize the UN front2. COL Paul Freeman, who would later become a four-star general, commanded the 23rd Infantry Regiment3. The unit recently

  • My Leadership Philosophy Of The United States Air Force

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    The intention of this paper is to introduce my leadership philosophy. I will start off defining leadership as well as explaining my leadership philosophy. I will then share a summary of an interview with a Squadron Commander about a difficult situation that he needed to use his philosophy to work through and analyze how my philosophy applies to the same situation followed by a brief summary. There are numerous definitions of the word “leadership” and it can mean many things to many people. For the

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Hello Comrades '

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    Hello comrades, this is a journal to document my story and the stories of my companions as we fought for the freedom of all species who live in this world. The purpose of the journal is also to provide information in regards to the locations of bases and strongholds. For those of you who know me now, the beginning of my tale may be difficult to believe because I was a much different person all those years ago. If you are a total stranger to myself and my cause, you will learn the best ways of contacting

  • My Philosophy : My Leadership Philosophy

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    different; hence their leadership style is different. In this paper, I will show and explain my style of leadership. I will explain my leadership philosophy, which is base on established principles and theories. Fortunately enough, I interviewed a commander whom I been friends with for many of years. Finally, I will analyze this interview to further develop my philosophy. “Tell me what your leadership philosophy is for this organization,” what a statement! You expect me to answer this in few minutes

  • My Leadership Philosophy Of Leadership

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    Every individual has his or her own definition of leadership. In order to develop my leadership philosophy, I needed to describe leadership in my own words. Simply put, leadership is taking ownership, setting a positive example, and motivating those in your unit to follow your lead. In addition to understanding leadership, the USAF core values and personal experiences have helped shape my leadership philosophy: Moral courage – commitment to achieving organizational greatness through teamwork