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  • The Common Cold

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    The common cold has been plaguing humankind since the beginning of human existence. Even in these advanced times, there is no vaccine or cure. There are many symptoms that accompany the common cold. Some of these infamous symptoms are a runny nose, caused by inflammation of the nasal tissues, resulting in over production of mucus to trap the virus, and coughing. there are two different kinds or types of coughs that are common with colds. The first, is the less common dry hacking cough, these kinds

  • Abstract. The Common Cold And Influenza Are Two Common

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    Abstract The common cold and Influenza are two common illnesses of the upper respiratory tract. These illness can often be mistaken for each other due to the overlapping symptoms. The two symptoms that seem to present when the flu is occurring are a fever with a cough. Prevention is also similar for both of the illnesses with the exception of an actual vaccine that can be administered annually for flu prevention. Diagnosis can occur in the physicians office according to the individuals symptoms that

  • URI and the Common Cold Virus Essay

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    URIs, known as the “common cold”, are acute, self limiting viral infections of the upper respiratory tract. Children under six years are infected quite frequently, and experience such colds approximately 6-8 times per year, with symptoms lasting up to 14 days. Symptoms may include congestion, rhinorrhea, sneezing, cough, headache, slight fever, and malaise. Rhinoviruses are responsible for 30-50 percent of the URIs in children and are present year round, peaking in September, March, and April

  • Common Viral Cold Essay examples

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    My report is on the common viral cold, I would like to go talk about how it is cought, its symptoms and how to cure it as quick as possible. The common cold is cought by coming in contact with some one who has the virus, thus the cold is cought through direct contact, from one infected person to the next, or from, Being in side in the winter time with the heater on all the time, the lack of air flow is a great place for air born particles to sit and rest up the heaters on only move the virus around

  • Why Vitamin C Helps Prevent The Common Cold Or Not

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    whether vitamin C helps prevent the common cold or not. In the Medical Journal of Australia it described a study that was a double-blind, randomized clinical trial with comparing the effects of different doses and formulations of vitamin C. Vitamin C doses at a daily dose was 0.03 g the placebo, and then 1 g, 3 g or “Bio-C with additives such as bioflavonoids 75mg, rutin 150 mg, hisperidin 150 mg, rose hip extract 750 mg, and acerola 150 mg that was taken at onset of a cold and the following two days. There

  • The Association Between Vitamin C Supplementation And Common Cold : Randomized Controlled Trial

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    III. Sasazuki, S., Sasaki, S., Tsubono, Y., Okubo, S., Hayashi, M. & Tsugane, S. 2006, “Effect of vitamin C on common cold: randomized controlled trial”, European journal of clinical nutrition, vol. 60, no. 1, pp. 9-17. Objective: to study the association between vitamin C supplementation and common cold. Study design: double-blind, RCT, two arms (50mg or 500mg daily vitamin C supplementation) Sample size: n = 244, age 40-69, living in the region that has the highest mortality rate of gastric cancer

  • Common Colds Essay

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    Common Colds and Influenza epidemics help us realize the spread of infection without a deadly pandemic. Epidemics is the spread of a viral disease that is not deadly; however, a pandemic is the rapid spread of a deadly viral disease. Finding out how people spread diseases to one another without losing a chunk of the population is preferable. History of Influenza pandemics, cold epidemics, treatment and prevention help us learn patterns. World Health Organization and Center of Disease Control research

  • Evolution Of The Common Cold

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    intricately woven with the planet we live on, but is perhaps even more dependent upon micro organisms. While people often think that micro organisms are “scary” and “cause sickness,” there are several of these beneficial organisms that are more common than the “common cold.” Saccharomycetes Cerevisiae is one of these organisms and has been in use by humans for millennia. The evolution of this micro organic life form has been highly guided by the hand of humanity to suite several specific purposes that our

  • Vitamin C And Its Effect On The Body

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    is, what is the fastest way to get rid of it? No human enjoys the presence of a common cold, despite more extreme terms such as the flu. Rest and fluids are typically the first reaction to curing a common cold. Then, medicine that is categorized toward the symptoms is received. Although, how do you speed up the process? Many think that the intake of large doses of vitamin c can speed up or potentially get rid of the cold all together. Vitamin C is very essential to our bodies. Vitamin C helps the

  • Information On The Internet Of A Regular Medical Doctor Essay

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    With the development of technology, the average person has an increased control over their health and wellbeing especially concerning diet and exercise. Much of the increased control comes from the plethora of information on the Internet; unfortunately, it is incredibly difficult to determine the validity of data on the web due to lack of regulation. This allows for everyone and anyone to voice their opinion and even go as far as stating their opinion as fact. This is a significant problem for individuals