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  • Common Core

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    addition? According to the common core there are several ways to add. This is one reason of the many reasons why parents are against the common core. Parents are not the only ones protesting against the new teaching curriculum. Teachers are protesting just as vividly too. The common core needs to go, not only is it confusing for the parents but it is hard for kids; and it is hard for the teachers to teach. One of the many reasons why parents are against the common core is that is confusing for them

  • Common Core Not for the Common Good

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    in 2009. “While we’re standing still, other countries are making progress,” said Jack Buckley, the commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, which issued the U.S. report on PISA.” (Heitin). From the outside the initiative, “Common Core” that President Obama and the government have been pushing since 2009 seems like it would be a great thing for education ,our children, and the future of our society, but once you look closer it is not. I believe that we definitely need serious

  • Is the Core Really Common: A Look at Common Core Curriculum

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    seven times seven does not equal 49, it equals 14 as well. It is a lengthy process to explain, but according to Common Core, if you can prove it, it is correct. This is one of the many reasons students in mainstream public school settings are struggling with simple equations, basic structure of the English language, and a firm grasp on when historical events occurred. The Common Core curriculum holds a bias against individuality in intelligence, it looks to level the playing field instead of allowing

  • Common Core Ineffectiveness

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    The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) was first implemented in 2010, nine years after I graduated from high school. Although I wasn’t personally affected by the new academic standards, it has a direct impact on the current and future generation of leaders, innovators, and world changers including my future children. The initial purpose of the Common Core Standards is to set high-quality learning goals designed to prepare students to be college and career ready. Given the current controversies surrounding

  • Common Core America

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    Common Core in America The “Common Core” is a proposed set of newly design methods in academic standards in today’s subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English / Language Arts courses. In about forty-eight states, this new academic implementation has replaced the old teaching methods to show a gain in the ability for students to be on the same path in every state. The primary focus for Common Core is to measure a fair and accurate way for student achievement for graduation

  • Common Core Effects

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    Effects of Common Core America has fallen behind many other countries academically. To fix this, the national educational standards of Common Core were put into place. It created a system of academic benchmarks for reading and math, which will equalize test scores across all states while simultaneously raising national scores. However, this system has not yet achieved what it set out to do. Common Core has not had a significant positive impact on students' learning. While Common Core intends are

  • Essay On Common Core

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    The Core Issue with Common Core    The American education system is falling behind. According to international rankings, America ranks 17th in math, 17th in reading, and 21st in science out of 34 industrialized countries. In an effort to improve the nation’s rankings, educators have developed a curriculum called Common Core. To form the Core Standards, educators acquired standards from higher-ranking countries and incorporated them into American education. After adopting the Core Curriculum in states

  • Common Core Analysis

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    In his article, Common Core is Rotten to the Core, Brian Farmer offers facts that support his opposing opinion on the recently implemented education standards called Common Core. Back in 2001, George Bush issued his education policy “No Child Left Behind” because the nation was thought to be at risk of a weak education system. It set high standards, thus failing to deliver lasting success. In 2007, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers started to work on

  • Essay On Common Core

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    This report will discuss the common core and state standards for the state of Alabama. Education itself is like an ornament and should be displayed bold and beautifully. The soul purpose of having a strong education system Is not only to make sure subjects are being taught, but to also make sure they also being performed. Much has been made and said over the years about the importance of a child education and making sure school systems are following the proper guidelines. By having strong educators

  • The Common Core Of Education

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    The Common Core in Education Linda Lynch Colorado Technical University Abstract The Executive Branch of the United States Government and the President has the powers that can influence many things one of them is our Education and the Common Core law that had taken in to effect back in June 2010. Even before the Common Core States standards were, official dozens of states had adopted the standards. Now even though it all may look good on the outside does not make it good. Many states