Commons-based peer production

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  • Peer Production: An Agent of Good or Evil?

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    Peer Production: An Agent of Good or Evil? A Comparative Essay in the Context of Wikipedia Traditionally, centralized organizations such as governments, religious institutions and universities were responsible for information production and sharing. However, over the past decade, the Internet has decentralized the process and promoted open-source software (OSS). OSS is software that is freely used, edited, and shared by anyone. As a result of OSS, users are able to generate content, also known as

  • Is Open Source Software?

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    it is that it makes us see clearly a very old idea. With open source the technology was novel, the production process was transparent, and the result of that process was a “product” which out-competed other products in the marketplace. “How can this have happened? What about the tragedy of the commons?” we asked in puzzlement, coming only slowly to the realization that other examples of commons-based, non-proprietary

  • The Success Of The Toyota Production System

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    INTRODUCTION TO THE LEAN SYSTEMS The success of the Toyota Production System is the evidence that Lean Systems help manufacturing companies in improving their operations and the process of manufacturing. Lean is an approach to eliminate waste and maximize the value for the customers. Lean has made its place in today’s market. Apart from Toyota, companies like John Deere one of the largest manufacturers of agricultural machinery, Textron- leading systems which offers products and services to support

  • The Pirate Bay

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    The Pirate Bay Case Study 24 06 2009 Introduction The Internet has served as a medium for peers to share any kind of files, like pictures, videos, music, books, etc. However, in order for peers to be able to exchange files, a platform is needed. There are many platforms available that serve as a bridge technology so that peers can share files with other peers around the world. These platforms only serve as a connection devise and not as a piracy store. As a result of the existence of these

  • The Importance Of Practices Used By Teachers

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    and assess student learning. One main idea present within both articles is the idea of inquiry-based teaching strategies and their use within the classroom. In the article: Unwritten Bedfellows: Discipline- based Inquiry and Standardized Examinations by Sharon Friesen, she explores the impacts of inquiry based teaching on provincial achievement exams scores. She concluded that using inquiry-based strategies had a positive impact on student achievement exam scores. These findings raise many

  • Motivations In International Tourism

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    behavior is more predictable based on external factors, such as demographic characteristics. One can predict travel patterns based on age, gender, socioeconomic status, and other characteristics because these factors are measurable. Internal, or endogenous factors, also contribute to decision-making and behavior, but are not outwardly apparent or measurable. Marin demonstrates this through the example of farm tourism, which is travel based on agriculture or the production of agricultural goods (2013)

  • Analysis Of Bio Hypermedia And The Social System Of The Nation State

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    INHERENT MOTIVATION As noted the paradigm of bio-hypermedia already largely improve the ability of multitudes to manipulate information, and this induces people to autonomously take a part of content production and distribution. The new question is why people in this age will have the willingness to participate in this labour process. What is the source of motivation? Castells (2011) give a overview of this inherent motivation in his The power of identity: The information age: Economy, society

  • Licenses in The Networked Information Economy Essay examples

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    The LGPL is a less restrictive copyleft license based, for the most part, on the GPL. One main difference between the two licenses is the fact that the LGPL allows the use of its licensed libraries to be used in proprietary software as well as free software (Free Software Foundation, n.d.). Programs

  • The Best Method Of Protecting A Television Show By The Trio Essay

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    best method to protect a television show created by the Trio. The Trio has created a TV show loosely based off of their own experiences at University and the final years of school. Alongside this, the trio has developed a range of complementary products to go alongside this, such as memorabilia, t-shirts, caps, and mugs. The Trio has all played significant roles in the development and production of the Pilot Episode. The Trio are now eager to share the TV show with the world. As their primary demographic

  • The Core Values Of Zappos

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    The holacratic model has, already, been adopted by for-profit and non-profit organizations in several countries. For the purpose of an incubation chamber, has been the first organizational reality to deploy it. Zappos is an online shoe and clothing shop founded in 1999 and owned by Amazon since 2009. During the negotiations with Amazon, internal management’s primary concern was to maintain the company culture intact throughout the acquisition process, because a culture that embraces the