Communication Accommodation Theory

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  • Communication Accommodation Theory By Hoard Giles

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    Communication accommodation theory was developed by Hoard Giles decades ago and over the time has been used to explain many scenarios of interpersonal interactions. The two articles that have been chosen try to use communication accommodation theory to explain specific common social interactions. Moreover, my own personal experiences can be explained the theory’s premises and assumptions. The first article that is being analyzed is The Role of Inferred Motive in Processing Nonaccommodation: Evaluations

  • Communication Accommodation Theory: The Three Applications Of Communication Accommodation Theory

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    Howard Giles believed that Communication Accommodation Theory is not only a theoretical construct, it happens in real life every day and takes an important part in society. There are three applications of communication accommodation theory. Communication accommodation theory has been applied in virtual communities. The Internet has come into people’s life for several decades now. With rapid development of technology, it is more and more convenient to talk with families, friends and even strangers

  • Communication Accommodation Theory- American History X

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    CAT- American History X In this paper, I will use CAT (Communication Accommodation Theory) to explain how convergence, divergence, and intergroup contact are illustrated within the film American History X. Convergence in CAT refers to the accommodativeness, the process concerned with how we both reduce and magnify communication differences between people in interaction. Talking about convergence, people tend to enhance interpersonal similarities and reduce uncertainties. The effect of converging

  • Communication Accommodation Theory : A Theoretical Standpoint

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    Communication Accommodation Theory From a theoretical standpoint, communication accommodation theory is an important lens to examine to further understand why people feel compelled to change their speaking style. According to communication accommodation theory, individuals accommodate, or adapt, their speaking style because “people tend to mirror each other’s communication styles to display liking and respect” (du Pre, 2017, p. 148). Under communication accommodation theory there are five levels:

  • Communication Theory : The Accommodation Theory Of Human Communication

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    While human communication is a complex phenomenon there are general conclusions that can be made after analyzing numerous communication theories. A general conclusion that may be drawn is: reciprocity is necessary to communicate effectively. By analyzing three different theories, one may conclude that the general conclusion is true. The first theory to be analyzed is Coordinated Management of Meaning, an interpersonal theory that explicitly states the necessity of reciprocal communication. The second

  • Accommodation Theory : The Cultural Differences Between Communication And Nonverbal Experiences, And Social Conflicts

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    colleagues and friends? The way we interact and communicate with either party differs; this intergroup interaction is what academics describe as the Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) (Gallois, Ogay, & Giles, 2005). More specifically, this theory explains the motivation commutators have to either converge with or diverge from each other during the communication phase (Gallois, et al., 2005). According to Gallois, et al. (2005), the social human connection is a series of convergences and divergences

  • Communication Accommodation Theory : Interpersonal Communication For Patients

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    Health communication is a diverse enough subject matter that in order to properly understand its nuances and specifics, we must look to other aspects of communication to fully grasp it. In medicine, the interaction between doctor and patient is key. It is the basis for sharing information, communicating diagnoses, and enacting any plans for remedies. Missteps in communication or the act of not communicating can be dangerous for patients. This paper looks at different ways in which interpersonal communication

  • Communication Accommodation Theory

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    The idea of communication accommodation theory explains how humans have the tendency to adjust their behaviour while interacting. Accommondation is constant movement toward or away from others by changing communicative behavior. One reason this behavoir is occuring is due to the control of the social differences between the diverse groups and or people. People or groups, in this case culturals will accommodate their communication to get approval and to set a positive image in front of the culturals

  • Stepchildren's Communication Accommodation Theory

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    When looking at Communication Accommodation Theory, it looks at how individuals alter their communication skills based on their situation whether it be in intimate relationships or stepchildren’s relationships with their extended kin. If the study were to be under the Attribution Theory, it would attempt to describe and explain mental and communicative processes included in everyday explanations. In short, it would attribute certain qualities towards a situation. In this theory, it focuses on correspondence

  • Communication Accommodation Theory ( Cat )

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    the applicant. According to Ayoko, Härtel, and Callan (2002), “Communication Accommodation Theory (CAT) examines the