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  • Disadvantages Of Community College

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    technical or community college. The Community College System has an agreement with CDOC that allows the inmates to transfer their pre-approved credits to Pueblo Community College, which consequently can be transferred to any community college. A tremendous obstacle for many inmates is a lack of funding available for them to continue their education after they have received their GED (or entered CDOC already having their high school diploma and maybe some college experience). College Correspondence

  • Community College For Community Colleges

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    Literature Community College Revenue Community colleges have roots dating back to the 1900’s and became more homogenous with the help of the 1960’s California Master Plan for Higher Education. In the past, community colleges were tuition-free or subsidized by local property taxes and state appropriations (Cohen, M. & Brawer, F. 2008). Currently, community college financing has been unpredictable “due to the discretionary nature of state support and the vagaries of funding initiatives” (Phelan

  • College Vs Community College

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    health care. The only people who will have access to a college education are those who can pay for it (“Discounted Dreams: High Hopes and Harsh Realities at America's Community Colleges.”) Even though some think a community college is for those with low-incomes, a two-year school is better to start off in because of the flexibility, smaller campus, affordability, and it gives an introduction into the college life. One reason why a community college is better to start off with is because of flexibility

  • American Community Colleges And The American Association Of Community College

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    American Community Colleges were established in the twentieth century to address the needs of the workforce development (The American Association of Community College, 2015). Moreover, skilled workers were critical to the economic growth and strength of America’s society (American Association of Community College, 2015). Although the community college’s mission has not changed, employment skills have changed. In order to yield tangible economic benefits to the community, community colleges have to

  • The Mission Of Community Colleges

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    altered missions of community colleges and related impacts on the historical mission of community colleges. The mission of community colleges were intended to serve all individuals with an equal opportunity for higher education access. In this research paper, there will be four guided questions: 1. What was the original mission of community colleges? 2. How has the community colleges mission changed over time? 3. How did the organizational culture impact the community colleges? 4. What are societal

  • Free Community Colleges

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    Free Community Colleges should be a Stepping Point into Higher Education The United States offered one of the best educations in the world. Over the years, society and politics have taken its toll on the education system. The American education system is no longer one of the more sought after system. Other countries are offering better education to people who are willing to travel. The reason? American politics and money have made its way into the education system. The cost of education in America

  • Community College Tuition

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    College in general has been questionable for quite some time about whether it should be free or at least lowered in the tuition prices. In this discussion, only community college is in question on whether or not it should be free. Most states are even offering a program that allows high school students to earn college credits before ever even graduating. This is one of a few ways that they are trying to provide “low-cost or no-cost tuition for community colleges” (“Free Community College”). Throughout

  • Community Colleges Advantages

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    tuition to a community or technical college. My first opinion is that assisting 2-year institutions in their goal of providing for educational justice reduces educational inequity. “Overview of Community College Students Compared with students attending 4-year colleges, community college students are more likely to be older, female, Black or Hispanic, and from low-income families. While the traditional-age student population has been increasing over the last decade, community colleges still serve

  • The Importance Of Community College

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    Every year thousands of individuals are faced with questions about college. These questions, whether it be committing to a community college or a university or deciding to commute or live on campus, determine the course a students’ life takes while in college. Finding a college that fits each individual person and their unique needs is a difficult task that takes time and patience. I believe revamping the structure of community colleges will benefit students of all ages. Remodeling the acceptance and

  • Leadership At A Community College

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    in the Support of Veterans Continuing Education in Community Colleges Leadership within higher education organizations is essential to the functioning and success of the establishment. Leadership practices can vary depending on the type of higher education organization and the issue or goal at hand. The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate the best leadership practices in support of veterans continuing their education at a community college. The review of Bolman and Deal’s organizational frames