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  • The Importance Of Community Nursing

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    The main focus in nursing school is to care for individuals physically to improve their health in the hospital setting. This view changes in community and public health nursing because the emphasis becomes communities, groups, populations, and aggregates that have certain needs. It becomes an instability for many students, because it is difficult to focus and view communities as clients rather than a single person. Many students do not want to serve communities because they have failed to see

  • Community Health Nursing

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    You were counted in the Puerto Princesa census. What type of census was done? A. De facto B. De jure C. Du jour D. Désuet 26. The family is a very important social institution, and is considered as the basic unit of care in community health nursing. Which health task is not being met by the family when the family is not aware of the scabies infection of the children? A. Manage health and non-health crises B. Provide care to sick, disabled or dependent member of family C. Seek

  • Nursing : The Concept Of Discourse Community In Nursing

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    paper I will be discussing caring for the older generation within the nursing home setting, which is a discourse community. John Swales wrote, "The concept of Discourse Community," where he theorized that all discourse communities must meet six elements of shared criteria. The six characteristics include a common public goal, intercommunication between its members, adequate ways to exchange communication and get feedback, community-specific genres, have a specialized terminology, and the members must

  • School Nursing As A Community Health Nursing Job

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    and seizure disorders, that he or she must provide interventions for (Five). The purpose of this paper is to discuss school nursing as a community health nursing job, to describe my day shadowing Beth Hilleman, the school nurse at Jonesboro Grade School, and the specific details of this program. Before my day shadowing, I was able to find some information about school nursing role from the journal article, the Role of the School Nurse in Providing School Health Services. According to the article

  • Community and Public Nursing Reflection Paper

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    Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Lorraine Gambino NUR/405 May 6, 2013 Bonnie Schoettle Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Incorporating preventative recommendations into clinical work can be a complicated and multidimensional obligation. According to Silva, Cashman, Kunte, & Candib, “addressing preventative recommendation alone for patients in a typical day requires in excess of 7.4 hours” (2012). Health care providers are also aware that within the community

  • Confidentiality in the Moral Community of Nursing

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    Confidentiality in the Moral Community of Nursing Laabs (2008) stated that nurses require applied ethics to give moral direction while practicing. A moral community is a safe “place where community members are encouraged to bring ethical concerns to light and deal with these in a manner that promotes shared understanding and mutual respect”(Hardingham, 2004). In this paper I will tell you a story of an ethical conflict that I have encountered about breach of confidentiality, I will then go on to

  • Transition For Community Health Nursing

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    Journal Article Summary: Transition to Community Health Nursing The nursing profession offers an unlimited number of specialties and clinical areas for practice and employment focus. Nursing practice includes; surgery, labor and delivery, telemetry, intensive care unit, and even community nursing care. Furthermore, nurses can explore various degrees, ADN (associated in nursing diploma), baccalaureate nursing (BSN), and even nurse practitioner (NP) covering all areas of the healthcare spectrum. However;

  • Orientation Reflection In Community Nursing

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    Journal 1: Orientation Reflection I am excited to write about my experience of community health clinical orientation because I feel the students’ opinions are considered and value in order to continue to better the nursing program. The online orientation was great because many times, having orientation all day on campus can be draining and many students do not focus towards the end of the day. I was concerned about the lack of communication and organization; however it is understandable, there are

  • Nursing : A Positive Reinforcement For The Community

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    Nursing can be perceived in many ways by many different people. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, nursing is “the job of taking care of people who are sick, injured or old”. People need to realize that nursing does not involve taking care of only the sick because it is not accurate. My notes on nursing will reveal what nursing truly is and how it can provide a positive reinforcement for the community. Nursing is one of the toughest jobs out there right now and perhaps is the only job that

  • Community Based Nursing : The Collaboration Of Healthcare Providers With The Communities And The Populations Essay

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    Journal 2 Community-based nursing refers to the collaboration of healthcare providers with the communities and the populations at large with the aim of promoting health and preventing diseases. Community health nurses provide care to groups, individuals, and families at an outside hospital setting with the aim of improving the communities ' health outcomes. A major aim in community heath nursing notices the healthy twenty-twenty objectives and that they have bearing on decreasing health disparities