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  • Essay on Comparing The Television and The Printing Press

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    Comparing The Television and The Printing Press The television and the printing press are two very essential and widely used media products. In order to determine which one could be named the superior of the two I have researched and studied both topics extensively .In this essay I will explain why I have come to the conclusion that the printing press is more influential, vital, and educational to society than the television. How can a five hundred-year-old printer be influential? I can answer

  • Essay on Comparing Television Documentaries and Their Gratifications

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    Comparing Television Documentaries and Their Gratifications In this Essay I am going to watch four different documentaries, all with different topics. I will analyse them and then work out how they offer gratifications to the audiences. I will write about what affect they have and why they are used. I watched four different documentaries with four different topics: Historical (Pirates - The Golden Age), Mystery (Vanished - The plane that disappeared), Nature (Blue Planet)

  • Comparing The Television Series Mad Men

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    men go to work to support the household and women stay home to manage the household by cooking and cleaning. Although these stereotypes were the status quote; the women of the 1960’s were trying to breakdown those stereotypical doors. I chose the television series Mad Men because it gives an inside look on the roles of men and women in the 1960’s and how they were viewed. Mad Men is filled with dominant and hardworking men in the 1960’s but the women on this show are constantly seen as the lesser

  • Effects of Television on Child Development: Comparing Adverse and Positive Consequences of Watching Television

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    Effects of Television on Child Development: Comparing Adverse and Positive Consequences of Watching Television Studying the effects of children watching television has been a popular field of research for many years and is becoming increasingly important as more of children’s time is spent on television. There are strong arguments for both the benefits and the detriments of television exposure. One of the most common arguments against television is the suggestion that it increases violence. Other

  • Amusing Ourselves To Death Postman Analysis

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    specific mediums through writing. Postman writes about the television and newspaper and Thompson writes about the internet age. Both of these authors use the same approach on their respected mediums. In comparison they both have the same piece of writing. Comparing side by side, it reveals a bigger idea that the communication medium always outweigh the cons. Postman, the author of “Amusing Ourselves to Death”, discusses how the television has negatively affected discourse in America. He uses examples

  • Analysis Of Graham Norton 's ' The Television Industry '

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    The word genre has different meaning to different people. Lealand and Martin (2001) explain how “the television industry uses the term to categories and identify the various parts of its programming mix. The audiences use it to identify and choose their viewing preferences” (p. 59). The Graham Norton Show comes under the genre of a celebrity talk show, but holds its own comedic spin. Norton creates uniqueness to the show through the way he cracks jokes and interacts with his audience and guests

  • Media Plan For Izze Sparkling Soda

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    Soda The media we chose to put an emphasis on is radio, Internet and cable television. The percentages for each are radio 40%, Internet 30% and cable television 30%. For radio we have strategically chosen to place our advertisements on the weekday morning drive time from 6am to 10am and on weekends from 7pm to midnight. The vehicles chosen for Internet are the websites iTunes, ESPN and iHeart Radio. For Cable Television services we have chosen the vehicles Spike TV, Food Network and ION. There

  • Late 1950s: Redefining Public Service

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    Late 1950s: redefining public service In response to the rise of television and the competition from commercial broadcasting, BBC urged to an intellectual shift in the understanding of its role and the purpose of public service. It had to reinvent itself in order to maintain an independent service, and protect it from the political and commercial pressure. Sir Ian Jacob, the Director-General from 1952 to 1960 almost outlined every notable step of the BBC’s reinvention in the next two decades. Firstly

  • Effects Of Watching Too Much Television

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    drastically with technological advancements. People have turn to rely on television to be the only source of awareness and information. Television is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Both adults and children have fallen deeply into this technological advancement. In some homes, families own more than two television sets. Researchers have conducted a study which shows that an average American watches forty two hours of television a week. This is so much time wasted which could be directed to doing

  • Does Violence On Television Really Impact Children?

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    Does violence on television really impact children? A lot of media claim TV violence does by correlating it with aggression, which is why there are many advertised parental locks, mostly by television cable companies. Parents cannot always be there whenever children witness something violent on television. Thus, we studied how often violent acts actually appeared on two types of television shows children may possibly watch. In our study, we chose to watch an adult drama, The Walking Dead, which