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  • The Physics Of Quantum Computers

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    My topic is quantum computing. We can say that quantum computers are likely to move out of science fiction and research labs and into practical applications. A quantum computing is way faster than a normal pc. Google already have one and make many test online. A quantum computer is a new complex technology. This computer is not available for us yet. This new engine represent a lot of new possibility for us. Some person tell that the teleportation would be available, but this is too far. Old computers

  • Nano Computing and the Future of Silicon

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    Nano computers have the potential to revolutionize the 21st century in the same way that the transistor led to the information age. Increased investments in nanotechnology could lead to breakthroughs such as molecular computers. Billions of very small, fast, and cheap computers networked together can fundamentally change the face of modern IT computing. This miniaturization has already spawned a whole series of consumer-based computing products: computerized clothes, smart furniture, and access to

  • Using A Different Setup Than A Standard Linear Optical System

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    Using a different setup than a standard linear optical system, [SOURCE]Choi et al. are able to use trapped ions as qubits in an optical quantum computer. As a direct result, unique possibilities for addressing scalability issues are discovered. Since trapped ions already have fundamentally low levels of coherent error, suppression of that error in a scaled quantum computer requires significantly less error correction. Also, the group demonstrates an architecture in which more than two entangled qubits

  • The War After War Since 1980

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    Study Purposes Hawkar Oagaz Iraq has been in the war since 1980. War after war. These devastated wars had made the country on of the worst in the word in many aspects. Of course, they had influenced the life of each and every person living there. I have seen the war and saw all affects that the war could left behind. From destroyed cites to desperate people that have no hope to rebuild their country and their lives. It affected me personally and shaped my personality. When I see all these pessimistic

  • The Computing Innovation And Computational Artifact

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    Written Responses 2a. Provide information on your computing innovation and computational artifact. Name the computing innovation that is represented by your computational artifact. Describe the computing innovation’s intended purpose and function. Describe how your computational artifact illustrates, represents or explains the computing innovation’s intended purpose, its function or its effect. (Approximately 100 words) The computing innovation that is being represented by my artifact

  • Technology And The Impact Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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    From the mechanical hound to the giant TV’s in the wall, technology in Fahrenheit 451 has proven to have a large impact on their society. However, interactions between Montag, his wife, and his wife’s friends emphasize the awkward interactions. Jennifer Alsip complains about her daughter ruining dinner time. Jennifer is infuriated that her daughter’s phone keeps ringing during dinner time and she always has the need to check it immediately (Wallace). The one technology that she bought for her daughter

  • Personal Statement : Personal Goals And Goals In Business

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    Personal goals and objectives Personal Platforms: I want to live my life with family a perfect peaceful area that God allowed me to live. I would like to do something with computers related to my work when I will graduate and have my degree which one-course term to go and see this. I love learning to host my own Internet-based services. Perhaps I could work in Web hosting, email hosting, or VPS hosting. Perhaps I could be a network administrator. I have practiced online digital marketing,

  • My Experience In My Life

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    “Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you”. That is what my dad was saying in the big screen in front of me, quoting Aldous Huxley, next to my mom, both smiling widely and a bit dewy-eyed. It was a video they recorded unbeknownst to me that was being shown at the Jenkins Foundation scholarship awards ceremony; a night that will last in my memory for the rest of my life. An acknowledgment that came almost as unexpected as the realization that I would study

  • Statement Of Purpose Of Technology

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    Statement of Purpose “What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It's the equivalent of a bicycle of our minds” – Steve Jobs. The present world is the world of technology. Computers and advancement of technology is playing an increasingly crucial role in today’s world. More and more countries are increasingly moving towards a digital economy. The sovereign governments can take important and useful inputs through analysis of vast ocean of data and efficient

  • Computer Science And Coding Of The Workplace Essay

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    INTRO In the world we live in today, more employers than ever before are looking to hire individuals who have experience with computer programming and coding. The growing job market in this field requires that more students learn these skills in order to bring their knowledge into the workplace. However, some students do not have this opportunity, as they have never been introduced to computer sciences. There are several reasons why this may occur, but one of the most prevalent is that students