Computational biology

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  • Personal Statement Of Computational Biology

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    application in many different fields of study, we can now theoretically test out the hypothesis before proceeding with the practical experiment. Computational biology, as it is termed, is paving the path towards achieving this. With the success of the human genome project, the need for biologists equipped with the ability to look at diseases from a computational and mathematical standpoint

  • Systems Biology and Computational Modeling

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    Systems biology integrates computational modelling with experimental techniques in order to better understand the function of living organisms, the regulation of their cellular processes and how these cells react to environmental perturbations [1]. Among the different computational approaches, kinetic modelling gives the most detailed representation of the biological system. These models build on the stoichiometry of the reactions, incorporating the dynamic interactions between different components

  • Using Python For Computational Biology And Bioinformatics

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    Python: An Emerging Tool in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Xudong Luan Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Harrisburg, PA, USA Abstract—This research paper reviews journal articles in the domain of using Python for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics and demonstrates a Python project to mine any DNA sequence and display the results. Keywords—Computational Biology; Bioinformatics; Python; Biopython; Matplotlib; DNA Mining I. INTRODUCTION Biologists and life science

  • Contributions Of The Human Genome Project

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    today on life sciences have a last-author, who is mostly a computational biologist. The last-author may not actively involve in the research, but has contributed in more fundamental and important areas, without which the experiment might remain invalid and thus unpublished. What do the computational biologists do? What important thing(s) they added to research paper that make the papers valid? The least and most simple thing that the computational biologists do is biostatistics. A validity of biological

  • Computer Science Is Not A Basic Complexity

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    computer science has with the social, technological, and futuristic aspects of the world. Computer science is bound to have social impacts because of its ubiquitous nature. The most influential of these impacts is the introduction of computational thinking. Computational Thinking is a process that generalizes a solution to open ended problems. Open-ended problems encourage full, meaningful answers based on multiple variables, which are derived using abstraction and automation. When solving open ended

  • Identify Underlying Causes And Theories Of The Field Of Medical Research

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    Many of these new methods and approaches need “computing technologies…such as: (i) high-performance architectures and Systems… (ii) distributed computing… (iii) computational simulation…(iv) algorithms (theoretical and experimental aspects); (v) applied bioinformatics (analysis pipelines, tools, applications); (vi) artificial and computational intelligence (machine learning, agents, evolutionary techniques, bio-inspired methods)” (Beretta, Cannataro & Dondi, 2015). Each one of the next three research

  • Personal Statement In System Biology

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    Since the encounter to 'Network Motifs' by Uri Alon's book 'Design Principles of Biological Networks' during my Integrated Masters at University of Hyderabad; systems biology has immensely captivated me. Further in time; academic courses, workshops and projects guided me to unearth this as the area that I want to pursue as my research. Although new, this field gives a holistic perspective to the historically reductionist outlook of the biological systems. While living organisms are interesting and

  • Seeking Admission to a Computer Science Graduate Program Essays

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    I wish to introduce myself as Mr.John Doe, a prospective student aspiring to enroll into the graduate program in Computer science at The University of Mexico 2015. The post-graduate program in Computer science offered by your esteemed University appears very righteous to me. It would enlighten me further with significant theoretical and practical knowledge that would update me with the current trends and advancing necessities of the IT industry with the latest technologies. My aim is to acquire

  • The Future of Computer Science Essay

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    international qualifications, enabling people to work globally, and in a very broad variety of roles. There is steady growth in demand for technically adept and flexible IT graduates. Declining student enrollment, while growth continues in law, medicine, biology, economics, and business; the decline among women is particularly alarming (Klawe and Shneiderman 27). Computer science is now a part of everyone’s daily life through the innovations and technologies it enables. From transforming health care to enabling

  • Future And Future Of Implants

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    Future of Implants When I asked Dr. Marko about what he thinks will happen to implants in the future he stated: “I expect that it will expand.” He explained that “current DBS technologies are seeing expanding indications for more and more diseases with good results. But beyond this, there are whole new domains of brain implants coming online and in the research pipeline. These include the whole field of brain-computer interface, which allows the brain to control machines (e.g. prosthetic limbs)