Computer security

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  • Creating A Small Business Computer And Data Security

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    their computers and data just as they do with anything else they deem needs to be secured. The improved rate for the need of security also applies to conceptual institutes of small businesses. Small businesses keep record of client, personal, product, and explicit company finance information and data. With this wealth of information and the increase in cybercrime, small businesses need an effective solution to defend their computer systems and data from cyber-attackers. Small business computer and

  • Contemporary Information Security Systems And Computer Systems

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    information leaks and information insecurities. With the growing dependency on computer systems to store confidential information across the world, it is only necessary that that the information be protected by strong security systems which include both hardware and software so that both the businesses and the consumers feel safe in the transportation of information over the inter-webs. Contemporary Information security systems use many different components involving both hardware and software Primarily

  • Computer Security : Memory Controlr Overflow

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    Defining buffer overflow Buffer overflow vulnerability considered one of the most common security exploit to exist, focuses on buffers, or memory allocations exploits eventually giving the attacker full control over a compromised system. This takes place when a process or programme writes or attempts to write data onto a static sized memory block than it was initially allocated. By taking advantage of the buffer overflow attacker are always aiming to completely take control of the whole system

  • Database Security: Database security is a critical Domain of Computer and Information

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    Database Security: Database security is a critical Domain of Computer and Information Security that deals with protection of an individual database or group of database from illegal access, injections or possible destruction. Data can be a customer's information, intellectual property, financial asset or any number of other records that can be maintained and managed on a system. Without Database security people are at risk of identity fraud, theft, destruction of property and much worse

  • Computer Security As A Critical Problem For Computer Systems

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    ABSTRACT Over the past decade computer networks have rapid growth, but the computer security became a critical problem for computer systems. Thus in the recent years various soft computing technique based methods were proposed to detects the growth of intrusion. Also many researchers have reported that the large set of pattern classifications and machine learning algorithms are trained and testing is made on the knowledge discovery data intrusion detection dataset is unsuccessful in finding the

  • Questions On Vulnerability Disclosures And Information About A Computer Security Problem

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    Disclosures As cited from Wikipedia, ”Vulnerability disclosure is the practice of publishing information about a computer security problem, and a type of policy that stipulates guidelines for doing so”. Who benefits from the security problems? First thought will be attackers. But it is not so. There is also a community of professionals in the security industry earning a living by reporting security flaws. But a question still arises why the pen testers are hesitant to let the vendor know of the potential

  • Network Security : A Secure Platform For Computers

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    Networking security the process of taking physical and software preemptive evaluations to protect the underlying network foundation from unauthorized admittance, misuse, glitch, modification, demolish, imprudent revelation, thereby creating a secure platform for computers, users and programs to implement their permitted critical functions within a secure environment. Network security has become significant due to the patent that can be obtained through the Internet. There are essentially two different

  • Security Vulnerability Of A Computer System

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    information. The security professionals have to be aware of these threats and keep up to date with all the latest threats and issues because if they do not have to be aware of these threats so there could be a great loss to an organization. An organization could be update their systems profiles if there are all systems are not working properly and have any kind of problem because some of the systems are vulnerable in the organization. Definition of Security Vulnerability The security vulnerability is

  • Risk Management : An Essential Part On Computer Security Planning

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    all the treats, no matter how secure the system is. Planning for security isn’t possible. However, performing a full risk assessment of developing security protocols and enforcing control to avoid network devastation. Risk management plays an essential part on computer security planning. The risk analysis gives an idea to make an educated assumption regarding network security. The process of risk analysis identifies existing security controls, calculates current vulnerabilities, and evaluates the

  • Network Security Is Important For Protecting Your Computer

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    Network Security EET 5720 Daljot Rai  Have you ever surfed the web and received a popup alerting you a threat is detected? If so, you are not alone. This is a very common issue web browsers and organizations face. In order to resolve or prevent such issues, it is key to learn about the security of your network. Network security is the protection of networks that help secure files and directories of a computer. It helps protect the user from hackers, virus attacks, misuse and prevents unauthorized