Computer security

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  • The Problem Of Computer Security

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    the computers sold worldwide are represented by portable computers nowadays. An old cliche of computer security is that if an attacker has access to a computer, that attacker has access to the data of that computer. The issues that the specialists in IT domain are facing is to protect the data that may end up in an attacker hands. If a laptop is lost or stolen, the data on it may end up in unauthorized third party 's hands. An average price to pay for an organization if it loses a computer may be

  • Computer Security Objectives

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    access to. The targets were the Public facing webserver and the internal web server due to the WordPress vulnerabilities. Once an initial shell was created, all attacks were successful although some required changing and modifying some permissions and security files, however, through the initial shell this was all accomplished. Further escalation from one web server to another as well as creating a user on each system was accomplished. Anything touching these two systems is now compromised by an attacker

  • Computer Is The Security And Reliability

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    1. Introduction: A computer is an assembled unit of hardware involving in kilos of hardware components interconnected resulting in a closed circuit where a layer of software so-called operating system runs the whole hardware in accordance with the user commands. The OS is the piece of software which allocates the hardware resources to the processes depending on their priority and usage. It thus protects the hardware components from being used by unwanted processes and safeguarding them in real-time

  • Questions On Computer Security Administration

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    Week 1-The Computer Network Gurpreet Atwal (1554847) MADS-6638 Computer Security Administration Professor George Thucydides Fairleigh Dickinson University September 22, 2014 The Computer Network 1. Define the following terms: a. Network – A group of two or more computer systems connected to each other. b. Node – It is a central or connecting point. c. Router – A router acts as a dispatcher, which determines the next network point for the data to be transferred. d. Hub – A connection point

  • Computer Security and Data Encryption

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    have been around since decades ago. In fact, when the Altair BASIC was first introduced in 1975, the Homebrew Computer Club (a computer hobbyists club) member made unauthorized copies of Altair basic software and distributed them at the club meeting. At that time, MITS Company licensed the software from “Micro-soft” (now Microsoft). Although MITS has been selling thousand computers a month, Micro-Soft wasn’t getting much royalty fees since basic copies have been distributed illegally. This

  • Computer Security Breaches On The Internet

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    and bounds over the last few years. This has resulted in a number of computer security breaches on the Internet. Most of the computers that use Internet are vulnerable to attack. Due to this reason, Intrusion Detection systems have grown rapidly and there is an ongoing research since it’s a developing field. ID (Intrusion Detection) is a type of a security management system that gathers and analyzes information to identify security breaches, which include both, attacks from outside the organization

  • User Authentication in Computer Security

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    1 INTRODUCTION User authentication is a most important component in most computer security. It provides user with access control and user accountability. As we know there are many types of user authentication systems in the market but alphanumerical username/passwords are the most common type of user authentication. They are many and easy to implement and use. Due to the limitation of human memory, most users tend to choose short or simple passwords which are easy to remember. Surveys show that

  • Computer Security And Information Assurance

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    The academic disciplines of computer security and information assurance emerged along with numerous professional organizations – all sharing the common goals of ensuring the security and reliability of information systems. ROT5 is a practice similar to ROT13 that applies to numeric digits (0 to 9). ROT13 and ROT5 can be used together in the same message. ROT47 is a derivative of ROT13 which, in addition to scrambling the basic letters, also treats numbers and common symbols. Instead of using the

  • My Statement of Purpose: Computer Security

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    Introduction As global security continues to grow exponentially in response to threats of cyber terrorism, the field of computer security continues to proliferate into many adjacent socioeconomic and technologically-based areas of society. Gartner Group, a leading market research in the enterprise IT industry, has stated that the worldwide market for security software will reach $21B in 2011, rising to $15.8B in 2015 (Karjalainen, Siponen, 2011). This rapid growth of computer security is also driving the

  • Basic Home Computer Network and Computer Network Security Plan

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    Generally, computer network security systems and structures considered robust are preceded not by software and hardware but by careful planning. A typical computer network security plan must take into consideration a wide range of security risks and vulnerabilities and from that, develop a road map to reduce such exposure. Given the need to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data as well as other system quality attributes, the need to mitigate exposure cannot be overstated. Security Risks