Computer simulation

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  • Computer Simulations Used as Technology-Based Assessments in Schools

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    to engage them in formal education. Driver Education has long recognized and seized upon this opportunity. The very nature of the driving task necessitates structured learning and assessment experiences beyond the traditional classroom, such as simulations. These experiences must provide opportunity for practice and assessment without risk, a virtual

  • Computer Simulation And Computer Programming

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    A long time ago, when I used computer for the first time. I played a computer game called Logo in 3rd grade, which inclined me towards computer. The first day we tried the program, we had trouble actually moving the darned triangle on the screen. We were supposed to draw a geometric shape with the little triangle character, which the teacher called a "turtle”. Movement was slow and unwieldy. We took turns to type in step-by-step commands, such as "rotate 90" or "pen up". But the question is who was

  • Computer Simulation Research Paper

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    it really made me stop and think about everything in the world and question if its really true or not. Some people believe we're living in a computer simulation. Some thinks it's as far as we are disembodied brains floating around connected to wires, or more like the Matrix. There are many theories supporting the idea of us living in a computer simulation but also a lot that disprove this argument. When you really think about, maybe it doesn't seem like such a crazy theory after all. There's so

  • Computer Networks : Simulation Exercise Number

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    OPNET SIMULATION LAB REPORT NAME : Ankita Behl (009414821) Bhargava kunchanapalli (009301760) Narendra Kantamaneni (010128872) COURSE NAME : COMPUTER NETWORKS –CMPE 206 SIMULATION EXERCISE NUMBER : 1 TITLE : SWITCHED LANS DATE OF SUBMISSION : 4/28/15 Topic Summary: Because of the

  • Physio-Ex Blood Analysis: Computer Simulation

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    Physio-EX Blood Analysis: Computer Simulation Introduction In this lab five blood tests will be performed: hematocrit determination, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin determination, blood typing, and total cholesterol determination. A “hematocrit refers to the percentage of red blood cells (RBC’s) in a sample of whole blood. Since the function of red blood cells is the transport of oxygen to the cells of the body, the higher the hematocrit, the more red blood cells are available to carry

  • Technical Support For Emerging Meat Industry Technology

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    Background Carne Technology was formed in 2004 the main function of this industry is to provide technical support to emerging meat industry technology. The word Carne is a derived from Latin word which means meat. Carne technologies initial focus was on the applying the technology on beef and lamb later the technology was applied to venison, pork, goat and poultry. It has expanded in the year 2006 by having research and development laboratories, due to its progress they have further expanded the

  • Fiction Definition

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    Books have been used to display information to a reader for many reasons. Some books are created to be read for self-enjoyment, while others may be used as a reference for information. Even then, the book is looked at as a boring, and rather dull object, and that is because a majority of the younger generation tend to pay more attention if there is more eye-grabbing graphics. With more books containing images and more fiction, the idea of books being used for entertainment purposes only appears.

  • Is Animal Testing Justified For Medical Purposes?

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    Is animal testing justified for medical purposes? One of the most controversial topics worldwide is whether or not animals can be used for medical purposes such as drug testing, studying diseases, or making advancements in drug technology. The main issue is the fact that animals are conscious and sentient like us humans. This has led to disagreements in the scientific community regarding animal testing. Some animal organizations such as PETA, The Center for Alternatives for Animal Testing, and

  • Decision-Making Models Essay

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    Decision-Making Models General assumptions create the foundation of a person's reasoning. Imperfections with a supposition can create the opportunity for a skewed perspective in a person's reasoning process (Paul & Elder, 2002). The process of choosing one course of action over another is commonly known as decision making. Consciously or unconsciously, people make decisions on a daily basis founded on one or more of the various decision-making models (Sullivan, n.d.). This paper examines how I

  • Reduce Er Wait Time

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    USING COMPUTER SIMULATION MODELING TO REDUCE WAITING TIMES IN EMERGENCY DEPARTMENTS Igor Georgievskiy, Alcorn State University Zhanna Georgievskaya, Alcorn State University William Pinney, Alcorn State University ABSTRACT This paper examines the wide-spread problem of extended waiting times for health services, in the context of the Emergency Department (ED) at a regional hospital. In the first phase of the study, a field observation was conducted to document the current operation of the ED. The