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  • Concert Performance : The Joys Of A Concert Experience

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    A concert experience can vary based on the genre, venue and performers in different settings. Today, individuals have the access to purchase and stream songs or albums instantaneously. This advantage to a library of music is overshadowed and causes most music listeners to avoid going to a concert. Whether it be the location of the concert, traveling, paying fees and adding up to the costly expense of concerts that are not free, most of us are missing out on the entire experience. We would all benefit

  • My Experience At A Concert

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    first concert, I felt amazed by the incomparable experience it is to attend to an actual live concert. I attended a concert at the University of Colorado Boulder called CU Jazz Ensemble II, and I left the concert stage not believing I had never been to a concert before, because it’s truly great to see how much talent the young instrument players have. While I was there, I noticed various things that I thought were interesting and relevant to analyze to anyone who had never attended a concert before

  • A Music Concert Experience

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    QUESTIONS TO ELANA AFRIKA-BREDENKAMP FOR ‘THE LAST WORD’ PAGE IN CAPE UNION MART MAGAZINE – THE INTREPID EXPLORER MAGAZINE SUMMER 2017/2018 What are the top destinations you would still love to travel to? I still want to do a “music concert experience” holiday, where my amazing hubby and I only attend music festivals. Also, we are going to New York for my 40th and my mother-in-law and I are travelling to Philadelphia next year. I would love to go to Amsterdam! Our family is also visiting Madeira

  • A Live Concert Experience

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    For my live concert report, I have chosen to write on the first live concert I had ever attend. Mozart K. 339 performed by the orchestra and choir of the Emmanuel music group on October 26, 2014 was my very first concert. I really enjoyed this concert and still remember it to today. Unfortunately, I had to write on this concert that happened 3 years ago because of my duties as a serve member of the army national guard. 2017 was a year of surprises and difficulties for everyone around the world. I

  • My Love Of Music : The Power Of Rap Music

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    beloved youth of doing on a daily basis: not listening. I was tricked into loving rap music by participating in my favorite activity – one that steals my time and money – going to concerts. There, I witnessed the power of the rap narrative and its power when given to a live, reactive audience. I went to my first concert when I was 16. I had begged my mom to take me to Sarah McLachlan, a chanteuse of glorious pop melodies and soprano range. The show itself was powerful and enchanting, and I had

  • My Experience At A Music Concert

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    September, I attended the concert Windfire: Flute and Percussion Spectacular at Rammelkamp Chapel. Paula & John Kasica performed on the flute and percussion with Nancy Shaaf accompanying on the piano. This was my first time attending a live classical music concert. I didn’t know what to expect. My limited experiences with classical music were listening while I studied or using it to fall asleep at night. Honestly, I worried that I might fall asleep during the concert. As it turns out, I had no

  • My Critique Of A Concert Experience

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    Friend play at Ayuthai Restaurant on November 12th. The venue features jazz ensembles pretty often, although I am not sure why… Are the Thais even bigger fans of jazz than the French, or is it a personal preference of the venue owner? My first concert experience was overall pretty good. I had a difficult time recognizing selections so I had to stay for the full two hours. I ate a lot of Thai food. Appetizer, entree, and dessert… I would have felt like a pig if the couple seated next to be hadn’t order

  • No Bruce Springsteen Or Billy Joel Concert

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    and uneasy. This is how I felt the night my friends introduced a new idea to go to a metal concert for the first time. This was no Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel concert; it was a new entity that was explicitly more fierce and threatening that I have ever imagined. Metal concerts are dangerous and unappealing places where people fight, get hurt, and are reckless with their behavior; attending these concerts have demonstrated how revoking the people and venue can be, and have changed my views on them

  • Descriptive Essay On Romeo Santos

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    Jany Corria July 20, 2015 MUL 2380 Romeo Santos In Concert Anthony Santos known artistically as Romeo Santos was born on July 21, 1981. He is from The Bronx, New York. Romeo Santos is a well-known singer; record producer, composer and songwriter. Also known as the king of the Bachata music genre. Before making his two solo albums he was the singer leader of the band Aventura. He gave a live concert on June 20, 2015, at the American Airlines Arena located on 601 Biscayne Blvd of his tour vol2 that

  • Let Us How The Laurier Academic Program

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    I am responsible for overseeing the sweater orders, fundraisers, ticket sales and concessions. In addition, I lead the Fundraising Committee, and help run music events and concerts taken place at school by delegating tasks to volunteers.
 • Earl Haig Elective Senior Concert Band - I’ve been First Clarinet at my school’s concert band for four years. I am responsible for attending weekly rehearsals and competing in the Kiwanis Music Festival, often winning Platinum and Gold Awards.
 • Canada’s Wonderland