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  • State University 's Concrete Canoe Team

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    University’s Concrete Canoe Team. The first time I heard about it was during my freshman course, Light Construction. Light Construction’s Professor’s, Tabitha Lafferre, first discussion included discussing how important extracurricular activities are and recommended any Civil Engineering Technology majors to look into Fairmont State’s Concrete Canoe Team due to their many accomplishments and successful reputation. Professor Lafferre held a class meeting where members of the Concrete Canoe Team came

  • Personal Narrative Essay : My Vacations

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    My sister and mom shared a kayak, while my dad took a canoe with all of our

  • Descriptive Speech About My Dragon

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    Enveloped in the deafening cheers, I rise with the crowd for the winner team of the annual dragon boat race held in Kentucky. The surging waves, the billowing flag, and the spurting paddlers, all bring me back to the old tales of childhood; how predecessors have sacrificed for the great cause, how the auspicious dragon has blessed our birthland. I hear my Grandma's voice echo like solemn peals," the true dragon lies within your heart…". As one imposing dragon finally takes over the banner, I am submerged

  • Descriptive Essay : ' Just Around The River Bend '

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    “Just around the river-bend...Should I choose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum?” If you’ve ever heard this song from Pocahontas, then you know that this part of the song relates to many aspects of life. This song reflects the decision that my best friend and I made this summer. My best friend, Julia, and I are a very outdoorsy pair and are avid fishers. Naturally, our first choice of entertainment is something outdoor related. We decided that the week I leave for my Colorado trip

  • My Dream Story

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    In the Caribbean, a tropical and beautiful place, surrounded by blue and clear seawater. Lives ten-year-old Nakili. Adventurous and likes challenges, play’s on the beach with friends until the evening arrives. They will sit on the sand looking at the horizon, watching how the sunlight goes behind the multicolored seas, beyond the white breaking waves on the reef. Nakili was super inquisitive and dreamed of what could be beyond the ocean. His father. The head of Nicaragua's Miskito's indigenous fishermen;

  • The Tsimshian Tribe

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    Tsimshian Tribe Tsimshian, which means “ People inside of the Skeena River”, is one of the coastal tribe in the Pacific Northwest Coast. This tribe distribute in two main areas, which are British Columbia, Canada and Alaska in the US. According to that, they have a different group name for each location. For example, Tsimshian indigenous who live surrounded the mouth of the Skeena River and nearly the sea; the Gitskan who live further up the indigenous people place; the Nishga who stay the basin

  • Canoeing In Canad A Brief Textual Analysis

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    At one point we decided to stop at a campsite for the night and set up camp. We drank most of the water packed and we needed more to cook dinner so me and my dad had to take a canoe to the middle of the lake to filter some more water (if we filtered the water on the shore our water filter would have got clogged with a bunch of scum). It was a pretty windy day this day and normally I wouldn't think too much of it, and I didn’t

  • The Ojibway Culture Essay

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    The Ojibway Culture "The Ojibways affirm that long before they became aware of the white man's presence on this continent, their coming was prophesied by one of their old men, whose great sanctity and oft-repeated fasts enabled him to commune with spirits and see far into the future. He prophesied that the white spirits would come in numbers like sand on the lake shore, and would sweep the red race from the hunting grounds which the Great Spirit had given them as an inheritance. It was

  • Paddling : One Of My Favorite Passions

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    Paddling is one of my favorite passions, and even though I haven’t been doing it for very long, I really love it. I started doing paddling about three and a half years ago, when I first moved to Hawaii from Washington state. The only reason that I actually did it was my parents, who were encouraging me to take part in the sport in order to become closer to Hawaiian culture. I didn’t like it at first, it wasn’t like anything I’d ever done on the mainland. I felt that it was too hard, and unfamiliar

  • Descriptive Essay About Water

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    “Hey! Look up” I screamed as I threw a rock into the surface of the sparkling water. The sun laid on the water as it reflected itself. My best friend Sanju Thotakuri smiled as her face brightened up like the sun. “Thanks” I said. “ I really want to go in more, don’t you” I ask as I dip my hand with my watch on it into the water ignoring my watch isn’t waterproof. “I do” says Sanju as she goes more into the lake, as rocks and the slippery mud that me and Sanju call quicksand bury her feet down