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  • Advantages Of The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate Flag Debate in Today’s Society The confederate flag has always been a symbol that has caused much controversy. It has been called a symbol of pride, also a symbol of hate. Many people wonder why it is still seen in today’s society or why it causes so much tension if it is just a flag to some. The flag has “bisected the country for a long time” (Kozlowska, 2014). It is a definite border between some citizens and a huge social problem. It has caused issues for decades and still carries

  • The Confederate Flag And The Flag

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    Recently, quite a debate has emanated regarding the Confederate Flag. This debate has been taken from a simple ember to an all out wildfire, spreading across America, by events in recent months like the Charleston African-American church shooting and the subsequent removal of the flag from the South Caroline State Capitol. This debate has deep geographic ties from all the way back to the Civil War and what the flag stood for then and what the flag has stood for since. Each side of the debate has

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    The Confederate flag remains to be a hot topic that is drawing a lot of controversy in the state of Mississippi. Some individuals feel that the flag has a right to be flying all over the state; while, others can see it removed completely. The purpose of this paper is to discuss in detail four important topics as follows: (1) the history of the Confederate flag, (2) the economic impact, (3) state agencies and municipalities’ stance and (4) the Legislative position concerning the issue. The flag originated

  • History Of The Confederate Flag

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    Chase Jones History of the confederate flag In the past couple of year, there has been a controversial battle over the flying of the Confederate Flag on government buildings. The controversy has really started to stir up in the southern states such as South Carolina, Mississippi, and Georgia. On January 30, 2001, the state of Georgia changed its flag, removing the large Confederate battle cross from the 1956 design and replacing it with the state seal of Georgia. Now, the state of Mississippi is

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    there has been many flags that represent something unique of a nation. Flags that symbolizes our freedom and pride of becoming part of that nation. These flags give us the motivation and strength to fight until the end for the protection of our nation. However, as years went by, many different flags have brought about many controversies that have resulted in the fall and disappearance of them, all except one, the Confederate Flag. The Confederate flag is a well-known historical flag all around the United

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    trifles, Americans cannot seem to agree upon anything. One of these seemingly pointless issues is whether the rectangular Second Confederate Navy Jack and the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia, or as many people call the “confederate flag”, should be banned. It is difficult to discern what exactly set off this movement, the fact of the matter is that the confederate flag has been used for years with no apparent backlash, but has become an issue of controversy. This debate has raised legitimate concern

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    pride or statement of hate? Many people have strong opinions when it comes to the Confederate Flag; many others are not as educated as they think they are on this topic. When it comes to what the civil war was really caused by, and what the Flag really stands for, people tend to make up their own conclusions. There is much about the Confederacy’s side of the war that isn’t taught in schools or reported on the news. The Flags of the Confederacy are prominent figures in American History. The Civil War

  • The Confederate Flag And Its Controversy

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    In my paper I will be discussing the Confederate Flag and its controversy in history and in todays views. The Confederate flag has been a negative symbol in American society since the 1800’s. It has been only recently that the Confederate flag has been brought back to life as a contemporary issue. In recent times the flag has been used as a motivation for racial strikes and other rebellious acts bring the issues of the flag and the controversy behind it back to life. The major questions I seek to

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    When I first came across the Negative Views assignment, I immediately thought of the Confederate Flag. It was an obvious choice considering all the attention and the controversy surrounding it in the past few weeks. For me personally, if I was asked six months ago what I thought about the Confederate flag, I would say I loosely associated it with the term “redneck.” I looked up the definition of “redneck” on Internet Slang and it said redneck means, “Unsophisticated rural person from Southeast USA

  • The Battle Of The Confederate Flag

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    Many, in the new era, do not know the history behind the meaning of a true rebel. The definition of rebel has changed in America from patriot in the time of the American Revolutionary war to confederate in the Civil War and to redneck in today’s societal controversy concerning the image of the Confederate flag. The first definition of rebel originates from the term of patriot from the Revolutionary War. The definition of rebel in the colonies during the Revolutionary War time was a person who was