Confederate States of America

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  • Confederate Flag: Symbol Of Heritage Or Racism?

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    Confederate Flag: Symbol of Heritage or Racism? A flag is a symbol of unity to many people, however to the shooter of 9 African Americans, Dylan Roof, in Charleston’s Mother Emanuel Church, it was a flag meant for battle. This flag was the Confederate Flag. The same flag from the 1860s marking the pro-slavery side of the Civil War. A terrible and unnecessary war from the past had resurfaced itself in modern day America and stoked its vengeful flame in

  • The American Civil War Was An Internal Conflict Fought

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    an internal conflict fought in the United States from 1861 to 1865. The Union faced secessionists in eleven Southern states grouped together as the Confederate States of America. The Union won the war, which remains the bloodiest in U.S. history. Among the 34 U.S. states in February 1861, seven Southern slave states individually declared their secession from the U.S. to form the Confederate States of America. War broke out in April 1861 when Confederates attacked the U.S. fortress of Fort Sumter

  • European Attitudes Towards The American Civil War

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    In April 1861, the United States declared a state of insurrection against the Confederacy of rebellious southern states. In Europe, the ordeal was referred to as "The American Question." The question could not be evaded; a choice had to be made between neutrality and intervention. European attitudes towards the American Civil War would have a significant effect on the war 's ultimate outcome (Randall and Donald 355). Throughout the early months of the conflict, the reaction of Europe was of great

  • How Did Abraham Lincoln's Assassination Unjust

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    and murder created shockwaves throughout America during their time of post-war healing and grief, and sparked change that led the U.S to be the country it is today. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln was unjust because he was an influential leader and active abolitionist who made great changes for equality in America, but he completely disregarded the needs of the confederate movement during their time in the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln

  • Arguments To Save The Confederate Monuments

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    figures of dead war generals have become a hot topic of debate. The reason is, simply, these Confederate monuments evoke painful memories of an era of American history in which many suffered, and they advertise a then-prevalent viewpoint that is today shunned by virtually all civilized citizens. Although many advocate for their downfall, these monuments serve an important purpose in current discourse. Confederate monuments should not be torn down because they are artistic achievements that can be used

  • The American Civil War : The United States

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    The American Civil War The United States wasn’t as united as they would like to be. Over about a ten-year period the United States started to divide into the Confederate States and The United States. This division wasn’t all of a sudden out of the blue movement, many debates brought upon the division and the start of the civil war. The biggest issue between the North and South was the issue of Slavery and what it entailed. The American Civil War was the United States way of figuring out what kind of

  • Imagine A Country Divided Into Two Sides With Fellow Country

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    idea to enslave innocent people. In the mid-nineteenth century, the decades of tension between the North and the South of the United States of America, was exploding into the American Civil War. Although the economy was successful due to farming and manufacturing, the North and the South were feuding over westward expansion, slavery, and federal rights versus states rights. “I have fought against the people of the North because I believe they were seeking it’s dearest rights. But never have I cherished

  • The Causes Of The American Civil War?

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    differences among states and politics in the United States. The war was kick-started in 1861 when the Fort Sumter was attacked in South Carolina by the Confederates just after the inauguration of President Abraham Lincoln. The Union nationalist proclaimed to the constitution of the United States. this was followed by the withdrawal of the Confederates States from the United States which were in favor of expanding slavery and they claimed it was the state's right. Out of the 34 states that formed the

  • The End Of The Civil War

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    In the 1700s, America was striving off of crops. The king of all crops was cotton. With cotton demands increased, so did the need for enslaved Africans to pick the cotton. The southern states of America were happy with cotton being king and wanted to expand north to increase cotton production. The northern states did not agree with the idea of having land used for cotton, or having Africans in the north. Northerners argued for America to transition from an agricultural economy to an industrial economy

  • The American Civil War Was An Inner Clash Battled In The

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    inner clash battled in the United States from 1861 to 1865. The Union confronted secessionists in eleven Southern states assembled together as the Confederate States of America. The Union won the war, which remains the bloodiest in U.S. history. Among the 34 U.S. states in January 1861, seven Southern slave states independently announced their withdrawal from the U.S. furthermore, shaped the Confederate States of America. War softened out up April 1861 when Confederates assaulted the U.S. post Fort Sumter