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  • Argumentative Essay: Prison Is Absolute Heaven

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    Thinking that prison is the absolute worst place to be is a folly upon whoever thinks it. Prison is comfy compared to being a soldier. Prison is absolute heaven. What more can you ask for? You receive decent food, have activities to keep you busy and if you aren't in a maximum security you may even get to walk around and enjoy your day as you wish. Prison is comfy. You get blankets and pillows and can make friends with other inmates. There are bars on the windows so people can't escape. Sleep is

  • Literary Interpretation In The Storm By Kate Chopin

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    “The Storm” by Kate Chopin The entire setting of the story "The Storm" by Kate Chopin is an accurate reflection of an adulterous situation. It employs the symbol "The Storm" to portray an exact circumstance that acknowledges the existence of unfaithfulness through adultery. The story took place in the period 1800s and gives a clear account of an affair that constituted Calixta who was the protective mother to Bibi and the wife to Bobinot, Alcee, the husband to Clarisse. The relationship among the

  • Conjugal Visits For Inmates Motivation For Prisoners

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    The permit of conjugal visits for prisoners serving life sentences will be seen as an incentive for prisoners to behave. Need I say more? According to Patterson, (2017) conjugal visits give inmates the motivation to show good behavior, therefore inmates will have the opportunity to benefit from the conjugal visits program, such as stay connected with their family ties. Yes! They are not in prison for their good behavior but do not mean they should suffer greatly. Haven’t they suffered enough? Inmates

  • The Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs

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    According to the New York Times Magazine article conjugal visits a privilege, not the right because of the several reasons. The ability to have sex with a spouse is not a fundamental human right for someone who is in the prison. It is a reasonable freedom for a prisoner to lose (Klosterman, 2014). The conjugal visits apply to everyone, whatever their sexual orientation because it represents gender equality and we live in the state where first make gay marriage legal. Here, I would like to cite the

  • Public Safety Should Encourage Our Correctional Officers

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    Abstract The main purpose of Corrections is to incapacitate, and rehabilitate an inmate with the hope they will become law abiding citizens once released back into society. However, while in the correctional institution serving their time, many inmates dealing with pressure from being away from their families or pressures from their peers if they are in a gang, to assault staff members that work at these institutions. These assaults have made it very dangerous for Correctional Officers to perform

  • California Prison Policies

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    the situation. Policies help protect the rights of individuals and can as well have certain limitations. (Parnell 2013) There are policies that only apply to certain individuals and I will cover one policy that does just that. Conjugal Visits also known as Family Extended Visits is a policy set out to help families keep the bond they once had before the prison world. This policy applies to Parents of the prisoner, spouse or domestic partner, children and the convicts siblings just to name a few. I decided

  • The Powerful, Just, and Insensitive Government

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    The Powerful, Just, and Insensitive Government The civilized society is built my men and women who favor law and order, which serve as the infrastructure of a stable society. The strict interpretation and abidance of the established law may lead to punishments greater than the perpetrator deserves. On example in history is Hammurabi’s Code, which utilizes the law of retribution; part of Hammurabi’s law has been interpreted as “an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth”, in which the perpetrator will

  • The United States Corrections System

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    The United States corrections system is organized distinctive structures that retain certain similarities with the Chinese prisons system. However there remain significant points of departure such as the prevalence of privately run correctional facilities in the United States. This differs greatly from the Chinese system of corrections which relies solely on government-operated public prisons whereby the state does not seek profit as is the case with private prisons (Shen, 2015). The American justice

  • How The Cuts Should Be Legal

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    Kristie Cass Political Science 10 December , 2014 Make The Cut Reduce Spending in California 's prison system . When we as state are spending more to house a single convicted felon for a year than we are spending to educate one student per year it clearly is time to reevaluate the budget . It is time to make cuts that not only will save taxpayers money but ones that if we

  • Incarcerating Juveniles In The Prison System

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    In America we sometimes house juveniles and adults in the same prison system. In the state of Wisconsin in 2014, we have incarcerated 121 minors into the adult system. While incarcerating these juveniles in the prison system some may wonder how does it affect a juvenile, Also what problems do they face while in prison and lastly, how has their life change for better or worse after they are released back into society. First and foremost the juveniles make up 1,200 of the people in state prison