Connection-oriented protocol

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  • Using TCP / IP : The Application Of A Network System

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    architecture outline as it must be sufficiently secure. As this system is a secure system, thus, connection oriented approach utilizing TCP/IP is proposed. The client may need a connection-oriented application for something as vital as viewing electronic pay stubs. A UDP or connectionless protocol is not a safe protocol for the electronic stubs. The diagram to demonstrate the service of network according to the connection type is as given below: Internet is a global system of independent computer systems

  • General Mechanism For Connectionless Operation

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    router the next route is decided individually for the packets. Thus each data packets may travel different routes while travelling from source to destination. They share a common protocol called the Internet protocol (IP). IP is published in RFC 791, which has become an internet standard. Under this protocol, we need a protocol, which can be helpful to access a specific network. A connectionless or a datagram service is provided by

  • Similarities And Differences Between TCP And SCTP

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    end users use the transmission control protocol or the user datagram protocol to transmit the data. However, the future applications might require even better functionality. To solve this, the Internet Engineering Task Force (IEFT) has approved stream control transmission protocol. Stream control transmission protocol is a transport

  • Nt1310 Unit 1 Network Analysis

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    general, on the internet, every packet follows 5 layers of structures (Application, Transport, Network, Data Link, and Physical). Since I have to talk about Connection-Oriented and Connectionless as a service, I will focus on the Transport layer because they are part of this layer. It allows multiple applications to use one network connection simultaneously, the layer will create ports on your computer allowing them to be reserved and used by the Application layer. Let's say that port 3600 will be

  • Tcp And Transmission Control Protocol

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    TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) is connection oriented and reliable service widely used in internet. TCP offers error correction and the protocol offers guaranteed delivery. This is because of the property which TCP has, that is flow control. It determines when the data needs to be resent and stops the flow of data unless the previous transferred data has been successfully transferred. This is because of the congestion control where the packets of data sent may collide. Congestion control occurs

  • Osi vs Tcp/Ip

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    Control Protocol/Internet Protocol model (TCP/IP model), and explain the similarities and differences of each model. The 7 layers of the OSI model consist of: The Application layer (layer 7), The Presentation layer (layer 6), The Session

  • Virtual Private Network ( Vpn ) Technology

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    Abstract: A virtual private network (VPN) technology creates an encrypted connection over a network. VPN is useful to exchange information between offices securely. VPN has advantages over traditional private networks and dedicated links. Tunneling techniques are used to implement VPN. This paper describes the various tunneling technologies like, IPSec, PPTP, GRE and L2TP used in virtual private network. It concludes by comparing these technologies and their use for given selection criteria. I.

  • SMTP And The Internet Protocol

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    SMTP protocol is an internet protocol used for transmitting electronic mail on business networks and the internet, it is short for Simple mail transfer protocol. The SMTP protocol was created in the early 1980 and it remains one of the most important and popular internet protocols that we use worldwide nowadays. There are other protocols that are being used nowadays for the email softwares, some examples of these protocols are POP3 which is short for Post Office Protocol 3 or another internet protocol

  • TCP and UDP: TCP/IP Transport Layer Protocols

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    Introduction The two TCP/IP transport layer protocols (TCP and UDP), are very crucial for the smooth operation of network services for both the computer applications and application layer protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP and Telnet. These two transport layer protocols TCP and UDP execute these services via the employment of IP. They use IP in the efficient routing of packets to their respective destination networks (Steinke,2001).The TCP is further noted by Steinke (2001) to be responsible for

  • What Is Packet Data Switching And Why Is Packet Switching Relevant To Internet?

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    networking does data communications refer? Data communications refers to the transmission or conveyance of the data between two or more computers with the selection of a medium through which it is transmitted.The physical connection between networked computing devices is set up using a cable media or wireless media.For example an electronic mail send to another person in a different location. 2. What is Packet data switching and why is packet switching relevant to internet