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  • The Field Of Elearning : Qualitative, Quantitative, And Mixed Methods

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    The eight issues are plagiarism, risk assessment, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, data handling and reporting, mistakes and negligence, working with a mentor, and Northcentral University requirements for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval. Below, each of these issues will be discussed in further detail. Applying Published Ethical Guidelines and Concepts to Research Plagiarism, risk assessment, informed consent, privacy and confidentiality, data handling and reporting, mistakes

  • The Sterilization of Native American Women in the 1970's Essay

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    The Scythe and the Scalpel: Dissecting the Sterilizations of Native American Women in the 1970's In the old days, genocide used to be so simple. Such things as biological warfare used to keep Indians warm with small pox infested blankets furnished by the United States government, and the only thing barren and infertile was the land set aside for reservations. In the 1970s, genocide became a little more complex. Biological warfare invaded the reproductive rights of Native American women, making

  • The Effects Of Developmental Treatment On Patients

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    Socially, the Right to Try Act may give patients and their families a greater sense of control over their health. Advocates claim that patients deserve to make their own treatment decisions without involving the FDA, a third party with little knowledge of the patient (Dresser, 2015). Additionally, patients will obtain drugs faster by circumventing the FDA, the most time-consuming step of the Expanded Access process (Zettler & Greely, 2014). As mentioned above in section 1a, investigational drugs

  • Pfizer Tested A New Antibiotic

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    children died. One such child, a three year-old known only as “Patient #69,” became so alarmingly sick, that her father begged the doctors to help her. She continued to be given Trovan, rather than the tried and tested cephalosporin. She died. Many consent forms were found to be falsified, and some families were not informed that they were taking part in a drug trial, a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code and The Declaration of Helsinki. Alarmingly, when the American drug company Pfizer was bought

  • ACA Code Of Ethics To Practice

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    Application of ACA Code of Ethics to Practice The American Counseling Association (ACA), has standard laid down for all its members to follow. It is a guiding document but very important and helps to determine the quality of service that professional counselors provide to clients. In response to this application I am going to write on section B: confidentiality and privacy. To provide excellent help to client, I must build a relationship with that person. For this therapeutic relationship to be

  • Ultrasound Imaging Of Trained And Untrained Muscles

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    not hesitate to ask any one of the research members mentioned in section 11 for clarification or for more information if you are unsure about any point made. Should you wish to take part in this research after reading this sheet, please sign the consent form. Thank you for reading this. 3. Purpose of the study: Patients with spinal cord injury suffer from the weakening of their muscles as time passes by. It would be helpful to monitor the change of their muscle. It was thought that the ultrasound

  • The Lab Experiment : The Experiment, And The Blue Eyes Vs. Brown Eyes Experiment

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    of the ways the experiments were carried out are considered to be unethical today. The Milgram experiment is considered unethical due to him deceiving his participants. Although today to be in any kind of study you must sign consent forms, the particapants did not sign a consent form for this study, they volunteered willingly for this study. Mailgram’s experiment would consist on three people each time, the experimenter, the teacher and the learner. The “experimenter” and the “teacher” were in one

  • Government Funded Research Projects : A Very Early Age, Human Beings, And Dignity Of The Human Subjects

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    process, physically or emotionally. Regulations must demand well-structured planning of the research, consent from all of those involved, and IRB representatives who will consider the projects based on the overall goal, unbiased by the researchers, their study, or their subjects. In some cases, the strict enforcement of the IRB 's requirements for research, such as minimal harm and voluntary consent of the subjects, is not just required, but crucial for the welfare

  • The Importance Of Rape Culture

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    seeking for consent (Flyntz, 2016, p 18). In many rape cases consent is circumvented by incapacitating the victim with alcohol or drugs. When the female role in Loesser’s song asks “hey, what’s in this drink?” it is very reminiscent of those instances. “The very banality of the fact that women are largely raped by their friends, husbands, and boyfriends is what makes rape culture so damaging” (Penny, 2010, pg12). For many rape survivors the memory of having their refusal to give consent ignored

  • Ethical Principles Of The Tuskegee Syphilis

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    This document is the foundation for human rights when it comes to medical experimentation worldwide. The most important principle above all is to obtain an informed consent. An informed consent explains in depth all potential benefits and risks. The men who participated in the Tuskegee Study were not provided with an informed consent. A study had been done already on the Norwegian men, which made it clear