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  • Conservation Officer: A Well-Paying And Rewarding Career

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    Thesis Statement: A Conservation Officer is a well-paying and rewarding job that deals a lot with nature. A conservation officer is an amazing well-paying job that rewards hard workers. There is certain education and classes you can take to get this job. One would be a criminal justice class (career cruising). Or like a public safety class (career cruising). You must pass around 4 different exams (career cruising). A conservation officer must at least need 2 year degree(career cruising). There’s

  • A Brief Note On The Conservation Of Ruins

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    CONSERVATION OF RUINS A heritage ruin is defined as a disused and incomplete place comes in all shapes and sizes, that through abandonment, redundancy or condition, usually no longer maintained and unlikely to serves its original function or purpose other than interpretation (Australian Heritage Council, 2013). Rizzi, added the definition of ruin from architectural point of view: ‘A building which having lost a substantial part of its architectural form has ceased to function as such. Elementary

  • Endangered Species : The Mongoose Lemur

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    about. Conservation is a big issue that is not always thought about or addressed. In this paper there are several topics that will be discussed such as what conservation status is and who assigns it to species, what critically endangered means and how the status is determined, and details regarding one critically endangered species: The Mongoose Lemur. The conservation status of a species tells us whether the species still exists and how likely the species is to become extinct. Conservation status

  • Conserving Bodies of Water by: Rabp

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    sources such as rivers, lake and other bodies of water, rain and underground. 2. Underground water is the best water because it is potable. 3. Conserving bodies of water shows we care for it. d. Values: Appreciation, Conservation e. Processes: Observation, Description and Inference

  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust Manages A Network Of 120 Wildlife Reserves Across Scotland

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    of 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland. Their main aim is to aid in preserving and maintaining healthy ecosystems throughout Scotland’s land and seas. Possil Marsh is one of such wildlife reserves, located in the north of Glasgow. Ecology and Conservation students from the University Glasgow visited the reserve on Friday the 14th of October 2016. The intention of this excursion was for students to see first-hand the variety of wildlife which inhibits the reserve and take into consideration the processes

  • Analysis Of Whittier Narrows Nature Center

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    Whittier Narrows Nature Center Conservation of our natural environment is of vital importance. Now, people should preserve nature and protect it. In addition, it is imperative to realize that, the survival of humanity and many creatures depends mainly on the state of the environment around us. As matter of fact, science place a relevant part in the conservation of the planet. Moreover, Physical geography is the study of all natural forms and processes in an environment, also, the field covers the

  • Water Conservation : Important Ways And Important Methods Of Water Conservation

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    Water conservation? When you brush your teeth do you leave the water on the whole time? Do you leave paint cans or trash on the ground for the water to just wash it away? If so think about how much water you waste or pollute? All that water down the drain and that water contaminated. Most people think that “ oh I am only one person out of millions, if I stop it won't matter, I can’t make a difference, I can’t stop others from doing the same.” if everyone thinks likes this then yes, you will never

  • Animals Save For Animals

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    In the world there are about 1.3 million different species that scientists have named. Out of that 1.3 million there are about 50,000 species that are endangered or close to being endangered according to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Red List. Lately, multiple zoos have been crucified for housing some of these animals. This problem has been arising for quite some time but no one seems to acknowledge it. The problem isn't with the zoos housing the animals it is that

  • The Importance Of National Parks

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    With ecological problems rising, national parks are seen as a staple in the cause for preservation. National parks were created for the purpose of preserving major areas of land in order to protect various species, vegetation, and the overall environment of that area. Because most parks contain intense scenic views, such as the Grand Canyon, many people travel from all over the world to visit them. This large influx of people made national parks major tourist attractions, which eventually lead to

  • The Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP) Act of 1991 and California

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    The Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP) Act of 1991 and California The Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP) Act of 1991 was established by the California Legislature, is directed by the Department of Fish and Game, and is being implemented by the state, and public and private partnerships to protect habitat in California1. As opposed to the single species interpretation of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), this act aims at protecting many species using a regional approach