Constitutional Act of 1791

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  • Quebec Should Not Separate from Canada

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    societies (source?). The British allowed the French occupants to maintain cultural aspects such as language and traditions (source?). In effect, The Quebec Act was published in 1974, in efforts to ensure loyalty from the French as the British government worried that the remaining French people would support the American Independent War (source?). The act was favourable for French people; allowing the continual practice of

  • The Causes for the Rebellion of 1837-1838 Essay

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    The rebellions of Upper and Lower Canada were in the interests of self-government but were doomed to failure from their beginning. Each of these two colonies encountered a great deal of problems right from the institution of the Constitution Act of 1791 and the problems continually got worse until the only choice to some seem to be rebellion. There were several problems that lead to the rebellions of 1837-38. In Lower Canada there was the agricultural crisis that caused a large number of starvations

  • Civil Liberties Are Constitutional Protections Against The Government

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    Civil liberties are legal constitutional protections against the government. “Protection of civil liberties is basic to American political values” (; however, the issue of defining these liberties is often complex. Disputes about civil liberties often end up in court and can possibly be appealed up to the federal level. The U.S. Supreme Court is the interpreter of the civil liberties, and their decision may end up changing the country. Under the tyranny of Great Britain, the American

  • Law Office Of Field And Field

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    created to perform a specific activity or job. Administrative law consists of the rules, policies, procedures, and decisions (Miller, 2017 pg. 3). An example of administrative law would be the passing of the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937; this act allowed the Department of Agriculture to issue marketing orders (Administrative Law n.d.). The administration agencies are in charge of the administration of government functions. The last primary source of law is Case Law. Case law is laws

  • The Federal Reserve System: First Report

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    there is no segment of the American economy unaffected by the Federal Reserve [endnoteRef:1]. This power becomes even more substantial in times of “unusual and exigent circumstances,” as Section 13(3) of the Federal Reserve Act gives authority to the Board of Governors to act unilaterally in lending and market making operations during financial crisis[endnoteRef:2]. As illustrated by their decision making in the aftermath of the 2007-2008 Great Recession,

  • Quebec: Distinct Society Essay

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    historical context. It will then examine rival interpretations of federalism. The essay will conclude with an in-depth examination of the concept's involvement with the failed constitutional accords and the failed Quebec succession attempts. The term "distinct society" was a political notion used during constitutional debates during the Meech Lake accord and the Charlottetown accord. Its meaning is somewhat vague and controversial. In essence, it refers to

  • What Led The American Revolution

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    In 1776, the British Empire was surprised by another war; this time it was no other than it's own thirteen North American Colonies. They were fighting for their Independence which eventually created The United States of America on July 4th, 1776. “The American Revolution” created what is now America, it also created the foundations and borders of what would become Canada. After America successfully becoming a country, they were only recognised as a country by Britain in 1783. Not everyone in

  • The Effects Of Juvenile Treatment On The Justice System Essay

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    integral part of society. The belief is that because they are younger, they have a greater chance of change. Adults are older and most likely have a history of criminal behavior. So the focus on them is for punishment and keeping them away from society to prevent the opportunity to do more harm. When a juvenile is arrested for an offense, the police cannot hold them for longer than 2 hours or they should be released to a Juvenile Community Corrections Officer and held in a secure detention facility

  • The Three Branches Of American Government

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    branch was formed in 1789 with the 1st congress. The first congress contained 65 representatives, 37 of them were pro-administration and 28 of them were anti-administration.(About the First Federal Congress (1789-1791). Also there were 26 senators.(“About the First Federal Congress (1789-1791”) The role of this congress was to demonstrate the US constitution 's framework. This congress also helped to answer questions and address the concerns that were brought about during ratification. The 1st Congress

  • The Constitutional Development Of Canada

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    CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT OF CANADA Human civilization marked the beginning of modern day legal systems. The advancements in societies resulted in maintaining certain rules and regulations to continue this progress. Every society has its own set of laws which are in some ways distinct from others. Many of these laws have common sections and underlying guidelines. This could be because some societies decide to retain certain aspects of their customs after breaking out of another society. It could