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  • The Future Of Business Consulting

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    general growth trend in the global consulting market, with emerging markets becoming more profitable and important in the foreseeable future (Salifu). Companies will also increasingly seek wholistic consulting services (Salifu). Our research corroborated this trends, as well as gave us more insight into the future of business consulting. Saliently, it indicated that changes in the economic, technological, business and political environment are set to affect the consulting industry. Consequentially, it

  • Infosys Consulting Essay

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    Will Infosys Consulting be able to change the “rules of the game” in the consulting industry? ICI’s new rules of the game (1-1-3 model) Infosys consulting has come up with an innovative way of performing business process consulting operations. They are calling their model as 1-1-3 model based on the allocation of resources for particular project. This model could be summarized in the below diagram with the significance of the new approach highlighted in the purple callout (case p9): The

  • The Societal Impact Of Management Consulting

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    What is the societal impact of management consulting in the UK? Critically discuss examining the public sector as an example. Management consultants have had a significant impact on the transformation of the public sector throughout the last few decades. (26) One of the first examples of collaboration between the UK government and consultants is the Bank of England employing McKinsey in 1968. Subsequently, there was a major increase in their use within the public sector with more departments using

  • Boston Consulting Group

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    lBoston Consulting Group Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting firm and the leading advisor on business strategy. In 2011, Boston Consulting Group was named one of the Fortune Magazine’s 100 Best Places to Work for. “Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is One of Only Two Companies to Make the Top dozen Every Year Since 2006; Earns First Place Honors Among Smaller Companies for the Fourth Time and Continues to Enjoy the Highest Ranking Among Consultancies by a Wide Margin” (BCG)

  • Ethical Dilemma in Consulting Essays

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    Ethics in Consulting Ethics dilemmas in consulting Ethics has become an important topic in business today with good reason. Just look at the headlines: Rajat Gupta Scandal, Anil Kumar and Rajaratnam scandal, Enron, Worldcom, Health South, Great depression, financial crisis due to unethical behaviour by the banks etc. All of these cases are related to consultants either directly or indirectly and they occurred due to the moral fallacy of some of them. Ethics is an extremely relevant value in

  • Statement of Purpose for Management Consulting

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    Statement of Purpose I believe I am a person with diverse tastes and experiences, whether in life or at work, that make me a distinctive person. I am a Computer Science Student with a great talent in Cricket. I am an enthusiastic traveler with a profound interest in meteorology. In a period of almost six professional years I feel I am lucky to put on and succeed in different roles. I worked as Business Analyst and COBOL Developer where my primary role was to design and build the application; as Quality

  • A Brief History Of Management Consulting

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    History of Management Consulting Management consulting is helping other organizations make best possible decisions to maximize their profits, not necessarily generating more revenue. The field of this job has been growing in the past two decades. The focuses of management consultants have been changing over the time. However, even people in the field don’t know the historical back ground of the management consulting firms and how the industry has changed in the past. This article covers these

  • A Report on Infosys Consulting: Leading the Next Generation of Business and Information Technology Consulting

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    A REPORT ON INFOSYS CONSULTING IN 2006: LEADING THE NEXT GENERATION OF BUSINESS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CONSULTING Infosys was established in 1981 by N.R. Narayana Murthy, Nandanneilkani, N.S Raghavan, S. Gopalkrishanan, S.D Shibulal, K.Dinesh and Ashok Arora. It is India's second biggest IT organization by piece of the overall industry on the grounds that the TCS is the first biggest organization. The head quarter of this organization is in Bangalore, Karnataka. As of now, the head of Infosys

  • Andersen Consulting - Knowledge Management

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    Executive Summary The case “Knowledge Management at Anderson Consulting” takes a broad overview of Anderson’s knowledge management system (Knowledge Xchange) from its initial conception through various stages of growth and finally presents several potential avenues that could be taken to improve the system. Anderson’s knowledge management system was initially created in 1991 as a basic Lotus Notes email system which allowed them to get information into the field quickly, and rapidly expanded into

  • Consulting Case Interview Preparation Guide

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    CONSULTING CASE INTERVIEW PREPARATION GUIDE 2005 - 2006 Recruiting Season -2nd EditionDecember 5, 2005 BUSINESS SCHOOL CONSULTING CLUB © 2005 Michigan Consulting Club Contents Editor’s note Introduction to cases • • Administering cases Receiving cases The case list The cases 2005-2006 MICHIGAN CONSULTING CASE INTERVIEW PREPARATION GUIDE -1- © 2005 Michigan Consulting Club Editor’s Note Dear Michigan Consulting Club Member, If you are reading this, then it is likely