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  • Consumer Rights And Consumer Strengths

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    CONSUMER RIGHTS AND CONSUMER MYTHS-A CRITICAL STUDY ABSTRACT Consumer right is the right to have information or the right to know about the potency, quality, quantity, price, purity and standard of goods and services. The consumers should be protected from unfair trade practices. It is very important and mandatory for the consumers to know their rights. If they know their rights properly then they can be saved from exploitation from the shop keepers. To safeguard the consumers and their rights the

  • The Australian Consumer Law and Consumer Guarantees

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    The Australian Consumer Law (ACL) was established to protect consumers in any legal trading activities in Australia. A set of guarantees has also been introduced for those consumers who are acquiring goods and services from Australian suppliers, importers or manufacturers. The guarantees are intended to ensure that consumers will receive the goods or services they have paid for. If they have problems with the products and services they bought, they are entitled for remedies, such as repair, replacement

  • Consumer Behavior And Consumer Behaviour

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    Introduction A consumer is any person that is involved in the process of consumption. They are identified according to the market type to which they belong, namely final and industrial consumers (Solomon, et al., 2013). Understanding the consumer behaviors will aid in appreciating the various market segments and developing strategies for effecting market penetration in these segments. It will also help in identifying market gaps and shape their needs and objectives so as to solve the day-to-day consumer’s

  • Consumer And Consumer Self Identity

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    1.0 Introduction Consumer researchers have recognized that people consume in ways that are consistent with their sense of self (Sirgy, 1982). Consumption is not only a tool to obtain the value of goods and display social status, but also is closely related to self-identity. In the consumer culture, customers no longer just shop because of their needs. The desire of individual's self-development and self-taught continue to stimulate the consumption. People change themselves as much as possible by

  • Research on Consumer Awareness

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    Project Report On “Consumer Awareness In India” Submitted To: Prof. Nadeem Merchant (Research Methodology) Submitted By: Division “B” Aniket nimonkar 36 Jayesh prabhu 43 Atul rane 46 Neha zunjarrao 68 Anjuman-I-Islam’s Allana Institute Of Management Studies & Research Mumbai University Academic Year 2011-2012 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT In making this project report a lot of people have contributed by giving us the required knowledge and time, we would like to thank all of them. It is because

  • Ftc Consumer Protection

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    and eight regional offices that make up the Bureau of Consumer Protection. Every office adds to the Bureau's main goal. Division of Privacy and Identity Protection- the newest of the Bureau's divisions, oversees issues related to consumer privacy, credit reporting, identity theft, and information security. The Division enforces the statutes and rules within its jurisdiction, engages in outreach and policy development, and educates consumers and businesses about emerging privacy, credit reporting

  • Questions On Consumer Behaviour And Consumer Behavior

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    1. Introduction 1.1 Why do marketers need to understand consumer behaviour? Marketers need to understand consumer behaviour in order to know what the consumer wants from a product. This is because different types of people will want different things from the products they buy; for example, an older, married couple will have different needs and wants to a young couple. Marketers also need to understand the behaviour of consumers to design and construct the best marketing approach to capture the chosen

  • Questions On Consumer Behaviour And Consumer Behavior

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    2014 SUBMISSION TITLE: Consumer Behaviour PRODUCT: Two Wheeler INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT LUCKNOW Over the years there has been a shift in the consumer buying behaviour of two wheelers. While cost, fuel efficiency and comfort have been primary influencers throughout, factors such as aesthetics, brand recognition have gained importance in the recent years. Following are the key consumer factors that have witnessed a change over the years: Change in Consumer Behaviour with Affordability

  • Essay on Consumer Protection

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    Consumer Protection In this guide I will clarify many issues concerning consumer protection, the first issue I would like to clarify is what consumer protection is all about. Consumer protection is about protecting ordinary people who buy goods and services, from the being sold faulty goods or poor quality services from dodgy traders. Any person has some basic legal

  • Consumer Protection : A Critique Of European Consumer Contract Law

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    Referee report for the article Regulatory Techniques in Consumer Protection: A Critique of European Consumer Contract Law By Bar-Gill and Ben-Shahar Brief Summary The article mainly talks about the four methods which are widely used as the consumer protection techniques in European Contract Law. By individually discussing every technique in law aspect as well as the evaluation of the author, this article lets the readers know the content in a very clear format. There are introduction and conclusion