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    case case Continental Airlines: One Company’s Flight to Success In the last decade, Continental Airlines has had a spotty track record. The airline twice filed for bankruptcy, realized diminished performance culminating in a $613 million loss in 1994, and was ranked dead last in industry indicators such as on-time performance among the major carriers. During these years, employees at Continental had undergone several series of layoffs and withstood both wage cuts and delayed wage increases in

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    Case Study > Data Warehousing Continental Airlines I. Executive Summary Table of Contents I II III IV V Executive Summary The Decision to Invest Implementation New Business Strategies ROI 2 4 6 9 19 20 Technical Appendix A Continental’s comeback from “Worst to First” is an airline industry legend. Now the company is engaged in a new initiative to move from “First to Favorite.” To support this ambitious initiative, Continental tapped into its Enterprise Data Warehouse and expanded it

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    Continental Airlines: Outsourcing IT to Support Business Transformation Prepared by Neils Christensen and Keri Pearlson As the Texas sun began to set, Janet Wejman, the Chief Information Officer for Continental Airlines looked out the window of her Houston-based office and considered what her next move should be. It was now November 1996 and while she had only been with the company for a few months, she faced a dilemma relating to the airline’s information technology outsourcing agreement with

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    Continental Airlines Inc. Analysis Strategic Management Vision Statement Continental Airlines Inc. seeks to lead its industry in superior customer service, innovative technology, employee satisfaction, and environmental advances, at home and abroad. Mission Statement At Continental Airlines Inc., we strive to obtain excellent customer service and satisfaction through technological advances in on-line bookings and e-ticket purchases. We have strict security measures to ensure our

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    1.     Continental Airlines, like other companies in the airline industry, is a volatile organization. However, Continental has many strengths that have allowed it to prevail through tough times and avoid complete ruin. The CEO of Continental Airlines played an important role in reviving the company. His “Go Forward Plan” vocalized the strategy of the company and focused on every aspect of the organization. Continental has a well-defined target market, providing services to upper-class and business

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    Continental Airlines Memo To: Lawrence Kellner From: Date: Re: The purpose of this memorandum is to address the profitability issues at Continental Airlines and to estimate the costs for 2009 to forecast the future outlook of the company. To address these issues, I used regression analysis to observe what effect the 11% reduction in flying capacity would have on the firm’s future operating costs. I also used the results from the regression analysis to verify the costs that, if reduced

  • The Merger Between United Airlines And Continental Airlines

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    Airline Company Merger PART A Discussion on question one: The merger between United Airlines and Continental Airlines experienced some significant challenges. The principal challenge was to integrate the flight information of the two systems. One fear the evident was losing the data during the incorporation, which was vital for the flight 's operations). However, the technicians established that Unimatic (United 's Information system) was capable of handling the data from both airlines

  • Gordon Bethune and the Complete Transformation of Continental Airlines

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    complete transformation of Continental Airlines Overview When Gordon Bethune left his job at Boeing in February 1994 to accept the position of chief operating officer (COO) of Continental Airlines, the company was struggling to survive. Even though it was the fifth largest commercial airline in the United States, with revenues of nearly 6 billion dollars, the company had reported a net loss every year since 1985, and was ranked the last among the top ten commercial airlines in the United States in

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    ABSTRACT UAL Corp.’s United Airlines announced merger with Continental Airlines Inc. on May 3, 2010 and became the world’s largest airline. This $3 billion merger between the two airline companies lifted the beigest regulatory hurdle ever in the international aviation sector. In this paper, I will review through the timeline that covers from the announcement of the merger to the completion with major milestones noted and what role the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was playing in this merger. TIMELINE

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    United Airlines and Continental Airlines, two major airlines companies, agreed to a merger that would create the world’s largest airline. Such important deal has a lot of problems to be dealt with, from technical, for example how to put the companies databases together, to more fundamental, like how the company should be ruled. The three major challenges that arose after the merger were the following: firstly, the companies needed to integrate their flight information systems. Secondly, they needed