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    offer, acceptance, and consideration will not guarantee a legally enforceable contract”. Discuss. A contract is an agreement which normally consists of an 'offer ' and an 'acceptance ' and involves the 'meeting of the minds ' or consensus between two or more parties with the intention to create a legally enforceable binding contract. Therefore in this essay, the four core elements needed for the formation of a contract such as offer, acceptance, and consideration and intention to create legal relations

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    Elizabeth Richardson Professor Harris Business Law April 29, 2015 Contract Law Contracts are in every aspect of life. From buying a car to being employed, contracts govern all areas of life. By definition, a contract is “an agreement creating obligations enforceable by law” (Cornell University Law School). “A contract in its most basic definition is nothing more than a legally enforceable promise” (National Paralegal College). That means that any contract that is made legally, which will be discussed

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    Form of law that rules oral and written agreements attendant with exchange of goods and services money and properties. It includes topics such as the nature of contractual obligation limitation of actions - freedom of contract - privacy of contract - termination of contract and convers also agency relationship commercial paper and contract of employment, if you are employed you’ll no doubt have a contract when you buy house insurance or but the house itself there will be a contract even buying half

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    Contract is an agreement between two or more competent parties in which an offer is made and accepted, and each party benefits. No contract can come into being unless the following features exist: an actual offer, an acceptance, consideration (this means that each party will contribute something of a material value to the bargain) and an intention to create legal relations. The agreement can be formal, informal, written, or just plain understood. (a) For a contract to exist the offer must be made

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    Contract Law What is a contract? There is no exact definition of a contract stated in the English law, but a contract simply occurs when two or more people comes to an agreement, under the law, to refrain or to do something having a legal relations and not just an exchange of mutual promises. In common English law, there are 3 essential points in order to create a contract, which is, the agreement, contractual intention, and consideration in both parties. Typically, an agreement can happen when

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    Introduction For parties to be bound by an agreement, it must first be determined if a prima facie valid and enforceable contract exists. A contract can be defined as an agreement containing promises made between two or more parties with the intention of creating certain legal rights and obligations and enforceable in a court of law [1]. For a legally binding contract to exist the following elements must be satisfied: 1. An offer must exist 2. The offer must be accepted 3

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    Contract Law Introduction In the following case note I will examine the High Court case; Smart Telecom Plc. V Radio Teilefis Eireann & Glanbia Plc. [2006] IEHC 176. The essence of this case is one involving a request for tenders put forward by RTE for sponsorship and the subsequent refusal of Smart Telecom’s referential bid thereto. The questions raised were (1) whether referential bidding was a permissible term of RTE’s offer and (2) if not, were they were obliged to re-tender the contract

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    does not know whether he is in a contract with C for these items and is trying to scrutinise if he is entitled to these items. To discover whether there is a valid contract and whether B is able to sue C for breach of any existing contract, facts of the problem must be identified, then laws that are relevant to this case must be deliberated on the basis of contract law principles. Once investigations are completed and if a contract discovered, the terms of this contract must be outlined. B will be then

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    “The parties to an executory contract are often faced, in the course of carrying it out, with a turn of events which they did not at all anticipate – a wholly abnormal rise or fall in prices, a sudden depreciation of currency, an unexpected obstacle to the execution, or the like. Yet this does not in itself affect the bargain which they have made…” (per Lord Simon in British Movietonews Ltd. v. London and District Cinemas [1952] A.C. 166 at 185). Discuss this dictum and explain the respects in

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    There can be multiple advice offered to Aaron based on this problem in regard to Contract Law. Some of the prominent topics that arise include the intention to create legal relations and capacity, along with offer and acceptance. Of course there are other topics which need to be mentioned, such as consideration and freedom of contract, which correspond to the situation at hand but are minor in this context. There are numerous cases that relate to Aaron’s situation which can shed some information