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  • The Debate Over Birth Control

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    patterns in fashion and music. The debates contraception poses proves to be no exception. While opinions differ from person to person based on their religious beliefs, political standing, and physical health condition, the argument always seems to be whether or not contraception should be easily accessible. This topic has been discussed since the early 1900’s, and is showing no signs of being solved anytime soon. Currently, the argument surrounding birth control is whether or not the government should

  • Birth Control : The Age Old Debate

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    Birth Control: The Age Old Debate Sex for pleasure instead of reproduction has been a concept practiced for millennium. The concept of birth control has been around since for several millennium, as evidenced by “cave [paintings] that researchers believe could be 15,000 years old, found in France” (Gibson, 2015); presumably made out of “fish bladders, linen sheaths, and animal intestines” (Thompson, 2013). Evidence of things like spermicide has been around since 1500 B.C.E. Rubber condoms and dental

  • Debate Gun Control Debate

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    Gun Control Debate The US is always at critical moments, from all the shootings that occurred during our history. On October 1st, 2017, a shooting that would be put into the books as the most brutal shooting in modern american history. Gun control has a been a big problem in the US for quite a while now, Obama tried to pass laws in the past and failed. Gun control should be a thing and not prohibited, I stand with Gun control. Gun Control has a lot of positives sides to the whole genre. There are

  • Gun Control Debate

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    As more crimes and gun violence continue to spread throughout the United States, the debate on gun control becomes a more recurrent issue. The debate over gun control has been around for hundreds of years, but it is merely impossible for the people to reach just one conclusion. In order to form an educated opinion behind the research of gun control, the historical, political, economic, social, and ethical perspectives must be contemplated. Guns are extremely dangerous and powerful weapons

  • The Gun Control Debate

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    The Gun Control Debate Throughout the history of the United States of America there has been debate on gun control. The debate has become even more relevant as more semi-automatic assault rifles are being sold and the amount of shootings we have been having, especially in this last month. There are a variety of views one can take on this argument. Many conservatives have been saying that more gun control is not necessary as it’s not the guns killing the people, it’s the people pulling the trigger

  • Gun Control Debate

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    Gun Control Debate Paper Today in the United States gun control is a topic of immense debate, because of the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary located in Newtown, Connecticut. This most recent tragic event ended the lives of 20 students and six adults. Similar events have occurred across the United States at a movie theater in Colorado, on college campuses in Texas and Virginia, or at the grocery store in Arizona each destroying families in many communities. The questions deserving

  • Debate on Gun Control

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    The Debate on Gun Control The debate concerning gun control has recently become as popular as ever. People question if guns are really necessary. Some wonder that if the government regulates who has the right to own a gun crime rates and death could decrease in the Unites States. Others believe that guns aren’t to blame for deaths; “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. How can we conclude which side is right if they both strongly believe in their argument? There are always two sides to

  • The Debate On Gun Control

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    Debate on Gun Control Gun control is such a hot debate in the United States of America especially in the wake of so many recent, tragic mass shootings. In this nation nearly half of all US households own at least one gun, and about 31,537 people die from a gunshot each year. There should be some gun control in the United States of America; due to the number of murders of young teenagers and those who are harmless. Someone on an opposing side would say that they disagree, because many people

  • Gun Control Debates

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    Gun Control Gun control debates have been around since the design of powerful weapons. The need to control access to weapons has been seen as a way to control communities and cultures. This debate has been mostly between the powerful and the powerless. The control of weapons that can be the equalizer between the strong and the weak, forces those who have the ability to remove weapons from those who stand in the way of their beliefs or financial gains. Whether you believe in the 2nd Amendment

  • The Debate On Gun Control

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    This paper explores gun control through five main articles. There are many standpoints that take place due to the diversity of the articles used. Gun control is a global topic and it comes up in the news all of the time. It affects society because of its wide range of topics it is involved in. This paper talks about different standpoints on gun control, from it why it should be in place, to why it shouldn 't be in place, to how other countries have used it. It includes statistics about mass shootings