Convergent and divergent production

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  • My Own Creative Process And Transformative Experiences During The Stages Of Work Essay

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    This paper intends to describe the application of my own creative process and transformative experiences during the stages of work from creation to completion of an original body of sculptural artwork. Secondarily, providing analysis and interpretation of the relationship to the theories of creativity that have been studied throughout this course. I will be using the concept of self-awareness found in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Runco, 2014) and the concept of self-observation as a form of measurement

  • What Makes A Leader?

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    Thirdly, creativity is needed to manage a group. It requires a certain amount of divergent and convergent thinking in order to be a leader. Divergent thinking is the act of coming up with multiple solutions to a problem while convergent thinking is carefully determining the single best solution. Both are essential when determining the correct course of action. Being able to determine a solution to problem

  • Chief Project Leader For Musat 's New Project

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    As the appointed project leader for MusAt’s new project, I have arranged a team of five creative members with different skills and talent to execute and finalise the project. The paper will introduce the members I have chosen and justify why I have appointed them to the team. I will also address potential issues of each member and as a manager I will justify how I will oversee outcomes of the work to report to Fiona. First appointed member of the team is Dagma. I have chosen Dagma for her long-term

  • The Importance Of Creativity In Education

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    regulations for our government, as well as being able to create art that can bring joy to others. In modern education, much of the standardized curriculum now taught in schools encourages convergent thinking instead of divergent thinking, which is the ability to have alternative solutions to a situation whereas convergent thinking has only one. These essential pieces of the education system set a basis for what students are expected to know and understand before leaving the grade level. This is important

  • Creativity And Imagination And Creativity

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    "Creativity is a form of problem solving that needs to be applied in cases in which neither the form of the solution nor the path to it are clear" (Grolier Educational 143). Creativity surrounds everyday life because it is innovation and ability to learn the unknown. Although creativity and imagination are a necessity in society, not everyone can be "creative". Certain factors play a role in determining whether a student could be creative; however, these factors could be unpredictable and not completely

  • The Importance Of Music And Art Therapy

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    The research established that music and art therapy is a valid technique, and it can reduce depression in the participants. Art therapy is a technique to arouse the central nervous system, and it produced dopamine, which in turn, creates good feelings in an individual, in other words happiness. This study was extremely simple, yet it show how other cultures value their elderly unlike Americans (Im & Lee, 2014). At the Regent Care Center, the residents are bored out of their mind coloring the same

  • Examples Of Cobweb Theorem

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    successive price, production and production readjustments back and forth between the supply and demand curves,” (Mordecai Ezekiel 2016 Pg. 256). The three main models that this theory proposed are known as the: continuous, convergent and divergent fluctuation models. Each of these models represent, through the use of market price, normal price, demand curves, supply curves and equilibrium, how the static equilibrium of two ceterus paribus variables, price being on the vertical axis and production (quantity)

  • Examples Of Concrete Thinking

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    This will then narrow the range that is under consideration until only the conclusions is left. 3.1.9. Divergent Divergent Thinking is a though process that will be used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. Unlike convergent thinking, this will typically occur in a spontaneous, free-flowing, non-linear manner. Divergent Thinking is a though process that will be used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions. This is done in

  • The Characteristics Of Adaptation In Honey Bees

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    Introduction Adaptation is an evolutionary process in which the organism (or species) adapts itself to external conditions and other factors that are in the area of its occurrence. Thanks to the adaptation enabled by natural selection, there are useful (but not purposeful) properties. Thus, biological evolution differs greatly from other forms of evolution. Natural selection is "able" to choose from those randomly generated mutations those that are convenient and useful. Adaptation is often thought

  • Reflection Of Writing Poetry

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    Dewey in 1916 in Democracy and Education, “ … there is a kind of passivity, willingness to let experiences accumulate and sink in and ripen which is essential of development… we are all instructors to realize that quality of mental process, not the production of correct answers, is the measure of educative growth…” (Allen, 2011, p.30). If my brain was a filing cabinet at the start of the semester everything I thought it knew got thrown on the floor, as time passed and I organised my thoughts new documents