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  • Short Story: Losing My Cool

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    Losing My Cool People face some type of conflict everyday of their life. An interpersonal conflict is an expressed struggle between at least two interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals, scare resources, or interference in the achievement of goals (Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond 221). When a conflict happens, the relationship between the parties of the conflict may become weakened or strengthened. However, when a conflict is handled well, the conflict can be productive and lead to a deeper

  • Analysis Of Cool Running

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    “Cool Runnings” The 1993 film, Cool Runnings, is a sports comedy about the first Jamaican bobsled team. It was directed by Jon Turlteltaub. This film’s story was written by Lynn Siefert and Michael Ritchie. Its screenplay was written by Lynn Siefert, Tommy Swerdlow, and Michael Goldberg. The main characters consist of Derice Bannock (Leon), Sanka Coffie (Doug E. Doug), Junior Bevil (Rawle D. Lewis), Yul Brenner (Malik Yoba), and Irving “Irv” Blitzer (John Candy) (IMDb). Based on a true story,

  • An Athlete Is Not Cool For A Girl

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    you could have told me, “Emily it is not cool to be an athlete,” but I enjoyed playing sports. And you could have told me, “Emily it’s not cool beating the boys in a one on one basketball game every time.” I would not have stopped. You could have told me, “Emily that it’s not cool for a girl to love sports.” It would not have matter. Then came high school and all of a sudden it was clear I had two options. I could somehow try to become one of the cool girls and try my hand at cheerleading, or

  • You're Not Cool at All Essay

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    youngsters , the seven dropouts “being cool” at the golden shovel in the story “We Real Cool” by Gwendolyn Brooks do not realize the amount of damage their doing to their futures by living the lifestyles they do. The work is a condensed yet concise statement on the recklessness of youth who are like cars without brakes in the frenzy of youth. They do not anticipate an accident awaiting them in their uncontrolled life. They do whatever they perceive to be “real cool,” (1) and this nonchalant uncaring

  • Analysis Of We Real Cool

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    “We Real Cool," by Gwendolyn Brooks is a lyrical poem that tells a story of teenage rebellion. Although the poem is relatively short, it packs an extremely powerful message about youth. Gwendolyn Brooks centered her works predominately around the African American consciousness. During the time in which the poem was written, many teens, especially young African-American men felt misunderstood and like the world was set up for them to fail. At first glance, it appears this poem is a mere description

  • Quotes In Cool Hand Luke

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    Introduction: “Nothing can be a really cool hand,” once spoken by Luke, is one of the countless quotes outlying Luke’s persistent nature (Carroll and Rosenberg 1967). The movie, Cool Hand Luke, directed by Stuart Rosenberg in 1967, is a movie about ultimate sacrifice. Luke, the protagonist of the story, after being sentenced to two years for destruction of municipal property, constantly defied the prison’s regulations. He became a leader for the inmates, and ultimately was killed. Luke was a persistent

  • The Movie Cool Hand Luke

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    The movie Cool Hand Luke, has ethical and moral dilemmas that encourage the audience to delve deeper into the roles that ethics and morals play in society today. There are ethical and moral dilemmas that the characters face and for that historical and social time period there were viable solutions. There are moral values that guide the characters and historical experiences that shaped them. After a brief summary I will show two moral dilemmas, their outcome and alternatives. Also relating the dilemmas

  • The Movie ' Cool Hand Luke '

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    The Movie “Cool Hand Luke” is about a middle-aged man who gets put into prison after getting caught cutting off the heads of parking meters. You view his experience in the prison and how he refuses to conform to the standards held by the jail and the rest of the current prisoners. Unfortunately at the end, Luke ends up getting shot and killed. After viewing the movie “Cool Hand Luke” there were three main psychological themes that were very prevalent on the basis of the film. The three Psychological

  • Analysis Of The Film Cool Hand Luke

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    Cool Hand Luke Film Analysis The film, Cool Hand Luke, directed by Stuart Rosenberg and produced by Gordon Carroll, was released in November 1967. It is an American prison drama film about a former soldier who is sent to jail for taking the heads off of parking meters. Luke, the protagonist, is sentenced to two years in a chain gang prison ran by severe guardians. If the prisoners violate the rules it results in spending the night in the “box”, which is a small room with limited air and limited

  • Analysis Of The Movie Cool Hand Luke

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    In the movie Cool Hand Luke, Luke Jackson (Paul Newman) is arrested for cutting the heads off the town’s parking meters. His punishment seems extreme, as he is sentenced to two years on a chain gang at a Florida prison. Although Luke received several decorations in the war, including the silver star, he never rises above a private in the Army. This suggests perhaps he has a resentment for those in authority. Luke and three other prisoners are brought to the prison and made to line up in front of