Coping strategies

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  • Refugees Coping Strategies

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    closer to their families, and growing stronger in their faith. Through these different coping mechanisms, they can continue to live their lives on a day to day basis, each day a battle, but getting through nonetheless. The coping strategies they adopt allow them to keep moving forward in an existence full of uncertainty. Interviews with Iraqi and Syrian refugees living in exile in Durham reveal a range of strategies for dealing with the pain and loss of displacement. Some, like Thana, found that interacting

  • Coping And Coping Strategies

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    Coping strategies are specific psychological and behavioral aspects people use to deal with, master, reduce, minimize, or tolerate the occurrence of a stressful event. One coping strategy is problem-solving, it is an ongoing process in which we take what we know to help us unveil what we don’t know. This method includes overcoming obstacles by developing a hypothesis, testing its prediction, and coming to a reasonable solution. There are three simple roles that involve problem-solving which consist

  • Strategies for Coping with Stress Essay examples

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    Strategies for Coping with Stress Stress has been defined as a pattern of negative physiological and psychological processes occurring in situations where people perceive threats to their well being which they may be unable to meet. These situations involve stimuli which can be either real or imagines and are generally known as stressors. Stressors come in many forms; for example, they can be cataclysmic such as life disasters including floods and earthquakes and also

  • Essay about Coping Strategies

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    Coping Strategies- Problem-focused Versus Emotion-focused Coping strategies refer to the specific efforts, both behavioral and psychological, that people employ to master, tolerate, reduce or minimize stressful events. There are two general coping strategies which have been distinguished. Problem-focused strategies are efforts to do something active to alleviate stressful circumstances, where as emotion-focused coping strategies involve efforts to regulate the emotional consequences of stressful

  • Coping Strategies For Pediatric Patients Essay

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    Coping Strategies for Pediatric Patients Lauren Ventura Queensborough Community College NU 201 Professor G. Colalillo November 2016 Abstract A hospital is a daunting place and is often associated with pain, blood, illness and death. The uncertainty of what’s to come as well as being surrounded by unfamiliar faces and equipment can be a traumatizing experience for patients of any age. Now imagine being a child being in a place filled with strange sounds and serious conversations about things they

  • Coping and Copers: What It Is to Cope, Personalities, and Effective and Non-Effective Coping Strategies

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    Coping and Copers: What it is to Cope, Personalities, and Effective and Non-effective Coping Strategies Kerry Williams Psychology of Stress The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand Coping and Copers: What it is to Cope, Personalities and Effective and Non-effective Coping Strategies This essay discusses coping, a complex process exercised by people to suppress, change, or eliminate stress or threat. This essay also discusses copers, that is, people who exhibit certain personality characteristics

  • Assessing The Levels Of Burden And Coping Strategies Experienced By Caregivers Of Persons With Schizophrenia

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    a descriptive quantitative study conducted by researchers Tan, Yeoh, Choo, Huang, Hong Ong, Ismail, Ang and Chan that was published in 2012. According to the researchers, the purpose of the article was to examine the levels of burden and the coping strategies experienced by caregivers of persons with schizophrenia in the community. It aims to provide mental healthcare professionals with more information about caregiver stressors and to recommend more effective community resources and support. Researchers

  • Coping Strategies

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    It is important to find ways to prevent stressful incidents and limit negative reactions to stress. Identify your coping strategies. Start by record a stressful event, your reaction and how you coped (or not) by describing the incident in a stress journal. With this information, you can work change unhealthy coping strategies into healthy ones. Always focus on the positive and what you can change or control in your life. How to deal with stress by managing your time more efficiently: -Save time

  • Late Life Depression Essay

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    INTRODUCTION: Jensen, H. V., Munk, K. P., & Madsen, S. A. (2010). Gendering late-life depression? The coping process in a group of elderly men. Nordic Psychology, 62(2), 56-80. The purpose of this article. is to study the influences in the presentation of signs and symptoms of depression. This was done by observing the relationship between depressive symptoms in elderly men and analyzing by what means these men discuss, interpret, and the cope to stress. This study interviewed 8 elderly men, between

  • Coping Strategies In Children

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    Research Review Coping Strategies Kochenderfer-Ladd et al. (2002) looked into coping strategies in children and how it effects peer victimization. These researchers chose a group of ethnically diverse boys and girls ranging in age from nine years to ten years. The group consisted of 177 girls and 179 boys (Kochenderfer-Ladd, 2002). Anxious children are often seen as different, so they are more likely to be victimized by other children. The researchers theorized that coping skills are helpful