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  • Disadvantages Of Counterfeit Goods

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    INTRODUCTION Counterfeit goods are fake imitations and replicas of products carrying a brand name (Phau & Teah, 2009). These goods may include luxury brands from the fashion industry, electronics, software and pharmaceuticals. Usually these products are of a lower quality as compared to the original. Companies struggle to protect their goods from being copied since their name, logo, ideas and designs are copied and sold cheaply in the market. This is unethical and illegal (Chaudhry&Stumpf,2011).

  • Counterfeit Products Of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

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    INTRODUCTION. The trade of counterfeit pharmaceuticals is a lucrative business with low start up costs. It is growing very fast and has become a worldwide issue. According to the BMI Healthcare Report 2015, in 2013 alone 3.6 million units of counterfeit medicines were seized. They were valued at COP 2,200 million which is approximately $ 921 million. Counterfeit pharmaceuticals continue to represent up to 40% of the total pharmaceutical market in Colombia and police and customs agencies have spent

  • Counterfeit Goods And The Global Market

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    2nd ECOFIN Kingdom of Belgium Counterfeit Goods in the Global Market Reducing the Frequency of Counterfeit Goods in the Global Market Introduction Despite counterfeit goods’ deceiving social perception, the act of manufacturing and the buying of counterfeit goods or copied products is highly destructive to the overall function of the global economy. On account of its appeal to those looking for a low risk, high profit system, many get involved in the distribution of illegal goods through source

  • Consumer Attitude Towards the Counterfeit Products

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    marketing raserach | Consumer attitude towards the counterfeit products | Marketing plan | | | 9/1/2011 | Summary: We acknowledged in this paper the background of counterfeit products ,the problem statement, hypothesis, objectives of this study, research questions, and the importance of this study. Moreover, as well as for the reasons that were carried out, this all provides a clear vision for the readers of what the study about and in what ways it was done. However, more important is

  • Essay on Counterfeit Items Cause Economic Damage

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    Everyone has seen the sidewalk vendor hawking a too good to be true designer handbag. The clues to counterfeit luxury items used to be so obvious that most people knew exactly what they were buying. This sadly is no longer the case. The production of counterfeit items causes American manufactures to suffer about $200 billion in losses each year according to the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition (Freedman, 1999). A large part of counterfeited items are fashion goods. They are usually easily

  • Speech On Counterfeit Drugs

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    Counterfeits medicines has spread like wildfire across online shops and unauthorized pharmacies. According to the data that given from World Health Organization(WHO), they estimated that 10 to 30 percent fake medications products are now conquered marketing all over the globe. Eventhough, Malaysia that known as a country that have good system of laws also undergo this serious case when there three to five percent from the medicines that are sold in the country are counterfeit medicines. The identical

  • Counterfeit Drugs : The World Of Pharmacy

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    Counterfeit or fake medication is a problem in the world of pharmacy affecting many unsuspecting patients. These patients buy medication from unlicensed sources such as illegitimate online pharmacies, usually with the intent of purchasing it for a cheaper price. However, they do not realize that the product made is artificial and is sub-potent, super-potent, or contaminated, damaging their health, rather than improving it. Fake drugs can also enter the medical supply chain through active ingredients

  • Why Do People Buy Counterfeit Products?

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    Why  do  people  buy  counterfeit  products?   1     Running head: Why do people buy counterfeit products? Why people by counterfeit products? Monica Rodriguez American Intercontinental University Dr. Yamil Guevara Why  do  people  buy  counterfeit  products?   2     ABSTRACT The elaboration and commercialization of counterfeit products is an issue that has been growing prominently within the last 20 years. There is no place in the world

  • Counterfeit Drugs : Safe And Effective Medicine

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    Counterfeit Drugs in West Africa Safe and effective medicine is an essential element to healthcare. Counterfeit drugs, which may not be safe or efficacious, have become a growing problem around the globe and are compromising treatment of disease and patient health. A counterfeit drug is essentially fake medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a counterfeit drug to be a product which has been deliberately or fraudulently mislabeled in regards to its identity and source. A counterfeit

  • Fashion Counterfeiting

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    Consumers want quantity over quality. Nowadays, it appears that more and more of the regular consumers are uninterested in the quality of the product they buy, but rather how much they will acquire from it. This leads to consumer purchasing fashion counterfeit products which is becoming a rising issue in the United States and Europe. Counterfeiting is an illegal act of producing and selling a replica of an authentic product without the permission of the designer. This market expands from movies, games