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  • Eureka Springs : County Seats Of Historic Places

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    Welcome to Eureka Springs, AR – Your Extraordinary Escape Carroll County, Arkansas has two county seats, one of which is Eureka Springs. The city has a population of just over 2,000 people, making it a small but dynamic town. One of the most interesting things about Eureka Springs is that the entire town is part of the National Register of Historic Places. On top of this, it’s been voted by the National Trust for Historic Preservation as one of America’s Distinctive Destinations. Some of the nicknames

  • San Luis Obispo History Center

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    San Luis Obispo History Center: Walking up to the San Luis Obispo History center was confusing at first, seeing the free library sign caught me off guard but the inside was different than I expected. This was my first time at the center and I always figured that it was just another random house that was built on the outskirts of San Luis Obispo, but what I found inside was actually quite interesting. The employee at the center was actually quite insightful and discussed how the center is

  • The Election : A Good Day For The Nation 's Oldest Third Party

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    The interesting event known as the 2016 election has offered a good day for the nation’s oldest third party. The Prohibition Party has had its biggest national election results since 1988. The Prohibition Party has received over 5,500 votes from the current ballot results, and will likely have a higher total once write-in ballots from other states are reported. The results are already more than 10 times the party’s national vote in 2012. It is a sign of the hard work the Prohibition Party’s members

  • Why Volkswagen Will Race Ahead Of Auto Peers

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    Volkswagen (VLKAY), world’s third-largest automaker behind Toyota (TM) and General Motors (GM), has been an exceptional performer in the automotive industry, gaining 158% over the last five years. Although the U.S. is one of the Volkswagens smaller markets, it is a top seller in the Europe and China. As the company aspires to become the global industry leader by 2018, here are a few reasons to back up its ambitious claim. European auto industry poised for a rebound Europe’s beleaguered auto industry

  • Business Analysis : Volkswagen Ag

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    Volkswagen AG is one of the largest marketers when it comes to automobiles. The products of the company are available all over the world. However, they are only the third largest automobile marketer in the world, behind Toyota and General Motors. Volkswagen is a major sponsor for several sports such as soccer, the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. The company is always attempting to be innovative in developing new automobiles that will help customers around the world to have a better, safer

  • Being Filipino

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    Being Filipino and growing up in America, my trip to the Philippines was an experience I will never forget. This was the first time I would be traveling to the place of my heritage. I was gladly going to live there for 2 years to finish my studies. I did not know too much of the Philippines, only the stuff my mother has been telling me about. She explained to me, that the weather was different in the Philippines. She told me it was very humid. That it was so humid, it was like walking in a sauna

  • Marketing Strategy Of Volkswagen

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    (2016) is one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers in Europe. Volkswagen the group (2016) highlighted that the group encompass twelve brands from seven European countries. The company’s brand portfolio include brand such as: • Volkswagen • SEAT • MAN • SKODA • Audi • Porsche • Bugatti • Lamborghini • Bentley • Ducati • SCANIA • Volkswagen commercial vehicle According to Volkswagen the

  • Volkswagen : Company's Competitive And Strategic Position

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    Volkswagen: People’s Car The automotive industry globally involves the processes of manufacturing as well as sales of cars and other automobiles. The business of this industry is also inclusive of retailing activities like services; sale of spare parts, gas-station retails etc. by the year 2015, and the growth rate of the industry is expected to have a rise of 5.5% (Market Line, 2012). Moreover, as per International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, this industry is the leading driver

  • Tucker Case

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    and external innovation. Internal innovation happens when a new feature or version is implemented to an already existing product and is driven by ones own desire. Tucker exhibited internal innovation with his car by adding his own new features like seat belts, moving lights, a back engine, disc breaks, and a futuristic design. External innovation can be defined as improving a product and being motivated by external forces. Tucker was extremely motivated to save the lives of others and improve car

  • A Recommendation For Worldwide Governance

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    Recommendation for Worldwide Governance Due to the global implications of some decisions made by Volkswagen, governing boards should strengthen their impact on worldwide automakers by working in conjunction with other countries in enforcing needed global regulations. If the impact of a product is global, then governance leadership of that product should also be at a global scale. Collaboration may never be achieved globally, but major consuming countries working in conjunction to enforce needed