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  • The, The Oldest Cousin Present

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    curled in a spot of sunlight. My cousins were scattered around the basement in similar positions, lulled into drowsiness by the soporific effect of the nearby television. Before long the hyperactivity present in every child made its appearance, and so I slowly sat up, stretching my mouth wide into a yawn. “This is so dull! We should be doing something together instead of wasting all of our time practically ignoring each other,” I said with a huff. All of my cousins looked over at me, and I couldn’t

  • Compare And Contrast My Cousin

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    I have no favorites in the family, I love all three of my cousins equally. However two of them are almost alike while one of them acts like the third wheel, just being dragged along, they all come from the same parents but were all born with different traits and beliefs. My first cousin is named Sergio Alvarado, he is twenty three years old. He is a mere short stout bearded looking man, who has an embarrassing mole the size of a raisin on his left cheek. Sergio is a caring individual who is really

  • Ben Cousins Essay

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    Ben Cousins life story is a book written by Ben Cousins and goes into his life in great detail, After the first chapter of this story I was addicted, bens passion for football is crystal clear he is a dedicated man who would do anything for his teammates. Bens career has been and gone, and he is recognised as a legend. This book is high-quality and is a recommended read for other teenagers that enjoy football and have drug/alcohol issues on and off the field. Bens career had its highs and its lows

  • Analysis Of My Cousin Vinny

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    The movie My Cousin Vinny follows two young men, Bill and Stan, as they embark on their journey to UCLA. Along the way, they become hungry and decide to stop at the Sack Of Suds, an unassuming little convenience store in Alabama, to buy a few refreshments. After leaving the store, Bill discovers that he has accidentally forgotten to pay for a can of tuna. Soon following his realization, the men get pulled over by a cop and are arrested. After a short interrogation by the police, Stan confesses to

  • Descriptive Essay About Football

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    have spent many Saturdays cheering on the Johnnies, playing catch with my cousins and uncles, and helping out on the sidelines with the Chain Gang crew. These long days in the sun, rain, and snow are some of the most memorable of my life. Clemens Stadium means more than football to me. I have learned about perseverance and not giving up when things seem impossible. One game in particular stands out in my mind. My cousin Eric, a senior at the time, played on the Johnnies defense. He had just come

  • My Favorite Time Of Year

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    “I see the turning of a leaf dancing in an autumn sun, and brilliant shades of crimson glowing when a day is done”. This quote by Hazelmarie Mattie Elliott describes what I see in a day of fall. The colorful leaves in the crisp cold air where the sun shines. My favorite time of year is Fall because of all the Pumpkins, and celebrating Halloween and I get to celebrate thanksgiving. The first reason why I like Fall so much is because of all the dazzling pumpkins. My favorite thing about pumpkins is

  • Sociological Influences On Life

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    Every individual person in this world has many different sociological influences on their life. All varying from education, religion, friends, and even the workplace. Some people may have a ton of things that influence their lives and others may only have a few, all depending on that individual. In my life particularly, the three biggest societal influences are education, family, and lastly my extracurricular activities. Education can be a huge part in some cultures, when it can also be a very

  • The Light Shining On My Life

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    I remember looking through the glossy window. The rays of light shining on my face, warming and illuminating every speck on my skin. Glancing down at the puffy white clouds and thinking ‘This is it in just a few minutes i’ll be home.’ Green. Green. That was all i could see the planes every different shade of the verdurous colour one could ever imagine. The anticipation was killing me. Literally. Who knew that in just a few minutes i would be comforted by those warm hugs and those sweet kisses from

  • My Most Memorable Event Essay

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    me, my mom, sisters and brother packed our bags to stay the night over my cousin house in Goodlettsville ,Tennessee. She had the biggest house ever I thought it was a mansion; six bedrooms two an half bath, a swimming pool, a game/movie room with a nice big kitchen. It was something that I was not use, knowing that we stayed in a three bedroom based on an income apartment on the East side of Nashville. Arriving to my cousin house i seen alot of my family members even the ones that was from out of

  • My Journey Of Reflection During Project 1

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    encourage and promote the involvement of students with each other to develop the understanding of different cultures and experiences as well as creating new friendships. As reported on their website under the “About Us” category, it says “The OU Cousins program was created in 1996 by President and Mrs. David Boren as a way of developing understanding, friendship, and unity among U.S., International, and exchange students at the University of Oklahoma.”. I found this very interesting because I’m an