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  • Stiff : The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers By Mary Roach

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    impact car crash (t bone car crash) and mentions that the cadaver, UM006, “is helping researchers figure out how much force a human shoulder… can withstand before it registers a serious injury” (Roach 87). Because of cadavers like UM006, we have made tremendous strides in automobile safety, and saved tens of thousands of lives (which could not have been done with crash test dummies). Roach also interviews Dennis Shanahan, an injury analysis and investigator of the TWA flight 800 crash in 1996. Shanahan

  • The Importance of Booster Seats and Seat Belts

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    In 2011 there were 650 deaths of children who were not properly buckled or in a car seat when riding in a vehicle, with the use of a booster that could have been extremely reduced. Families are out on road trips so much more than in the past, which means that children are in the car far more than they used to be (“Booster ...” 1). Almost 7, 000 children were involved in accidents in 2006 and 45% of them were not restrained and received fatal injuries (“Statistics...” 6). In 2006, there were approximately

  • Lab Report : Mythbusters And The Scientific Method

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    Titanium: Gianina L., Amira C., Najma S., James M. 1.The myth investigated in the episode is whether or not the “brace position” utilized on aircrafts is designed to kill you―as the position aims to break the passenger’s neck―if the plane was to crash. 2. The hypothesis is that the “brace position” is meant to kill you by breaking your neck, instead of protecting you from impact. The logic being, that it is cheaper for an airline to pay for a wrongful death settlements, which would cost approximately

  • Safety At Home And Motor Vehicle Crash

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    to wearing them. Those people who have made buckling up a habit can testify that once their use does become a habit, there is no discomfort or inconvenience. It can’t be overemphasized that the seriou discomfort and inconvenience of motor vehicle crash injury in no way compares to the imaginary discomfort or the inconvenience you may think you

  • Seatbelts, Your Personal Life Saver

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    Life Saver In the past years, car accidents are the leading cause of death. In 2009 alone, crashes killed over 33,000 people and injured another 2.2 million. More than half of the people killed in car crashes were not restrained at the time of the crash. I know most of you guys probably don’t want to hear me talk about statistics or about seatbelts and why you should wear them and listen to some boring speech you have heard time and time again. But please hear me out. You might have excuses that sound

  • Is It Proper to place someone in jail for a seatbelt violation

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         States across the nation have seat belt laws in place that make it a requirement for drivers and passengers in vehicles that are being operated on public streets to wear some sort of safety belt. In 1998, 41,471 people were killed in 6,334,000 reported motor vehicle accidents in the United States. Seat belts are estimated to save 9,500 lives each year, and statistics show a higher degree of seat-belt use in states that aggressively enforce seat belt laws. The laws, as

  • Persuasive Essay On Helmet Laws

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    Mandatory seat belt laws and motorcycle helmet laws have been a controversial topic and there has been much argument between the two sides. I will be presenting both sides of the argument and I will be giving my opinion on this topic. Many motorcyclists despite knowing the benefits of wearing a helmet, are still against the forced helmet laws. A very common argument that is used against these laws for motorcyclists, is that it would be a violation of their civil liberties. Jeff Hennie of the Motorcycle

  • Mandating Seat Belt Usage vs. Freedom of Choice Essay example

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    Mandating Seat Belt Usage vs. Freedom of Choice SOC120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibilities 1 How do you feel when you are told what you will or will not do? You may be told that it is for your own good, but who has the right to decide what is or is not good for you? After all who knows you better than you do? This brings me to the topic of my discussion. Even though there are some statistics that may show a lower rate of injury or death if you wear a

  • Wearing Seat Belt

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    INTRODUCTION Attention-arousing material: Do you know that every hour someone dies in crash simply from not buckling his or her seat belt and you can be a victim if you don’t simple buckle it when you get in your car? Thesis-statement: Today I will try to persuade you that the first thing you have to do after sitting in your car is buckling your seat belt. Credibility Statement: While investigating for this speech I confirmed that using a seat belt do save lives and also prevent you of serious

  • Seatbelts In A Car Crash

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    The impacts of seatbelts in a car crash The industrial revolution in the early 20th century lead to a boom in the production of automobiles. As a result, revolutionized urban transportation. Earlier cars, were not built keeping in mind passenger safety. This led to lot of fatal accidents, where many drivers and front seat passengers lost their lives. The invention of the seat belt has dramatically improved passenger safety. The seat belt is a safety device designed to retract and secure a driver