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  • Creative Writing in the Composition Classroom Essay

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    to teaching writing of any kind to their students, but could they not be more effective in doing so if they had the freedom to teach the typical ìfive-paragraphî or ìpersuasiveî as a piece of creative writing/literature? While Bishopís work on the topic of using creative writing in the composition classroom is crucial to any understanding of the argument, Deborah Dean, in ìMuddying Boundaries: Mixing Genres with Five Paragraphs,î also extensively explores the question I just raised, and does so

  • Introduction . Dance And Creative Movement In The Classroom

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    Introduction Dance and creative movement in the classroom are robust teaching tools that ensure students retain and think critically about academic content. “Creative dance has the potential to open up new worlds for…students” (Gilbert p. 3). Incorporating movement into the classroom is simple. First, movement comes naturally to every child born in every culture, according to Jennings (2017). Jennings stated that children naturally move when they hear movement and rhythm. As a mother, I felt

  • Developing A Creative Classroom At The Center Of Learning

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    the belief, that the arts, offer the students nothing more than ‘play time’ and cannot directly improve the student’s academic performance. Although what I have stated is only my opinion, I have found that my interest lies with developing a creative classroom which places the student at the center of learning, combats the creation of a pressured learning environment, and provides the student with opportunities of social and

  • Creative Media Lecture : A Classroom Environment

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    One of the main objectives working as Creative Media lecture is to create a classroom environment that is conducive towards learning while still fostering student creativity. This is balancing act and one which I have been continuously developing since starting in Further Education teaching over a year and a half ago. Sir Ken Robinson (2006) argues that our educational systems “stigmatise mistakes” and students have “become frightened of being wrong.” He goes on to argue that our schools are killing

  • The Importance Of Student Education

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    degrees. While the university does offer classes both online and on campus, the primary focus will be on the classroom setting. Currently, UNK has an enrollment of over 6,000 students (2017). With so many current students, different experiences are a common part of the college education involvement. The University of Nebraska at Kearney is home to fifty buildings on campus (2017). The classrooms located in West Center will be further discussed for the physical atmospheric service setting. Approach Elements

  • Should Chromebooks Be Allowed In Schools?

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    original textbooks. And here is Taylorville we are starting to switch into chromebooks. There are many reasons as to why they would be a good alternative to the textbooks. My evidence to support this is that students will be motivated to be more creative and less forgetful in their school work. While they have their own problems, I feel that the benefits will outweigh their troubles. One troublesome problems the district will fret about will be the cost of each laptop for each student. Each chromebook

  • What I Did At Starpoint School It Changed For Privacy Reasons

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    From the short observation I did at Starpoint School it seems that Alexandria (name changed for privacy reasons) is developing at the same rate as her classmates, give or take a few activities or tasks. This whole classroom of twelve students whom are between six and eight years of age are typically developing alongside other groups of children I have come into contact with around the same age groups. Alexandria’s motor skills seem to be what one would consider normal for her age. When playing outside

  • My Reflection Of My Field Experience In Education

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    My field experience was in a second grade classroom at Bradley East. My cooperating teacher, Mrs. Martin, is retiring at the end of this year. Reading was taught every morning and on Fridays, they would have a reading test. I learned that providing students with books to read outside of class is very important. The students have library time once a week where they are able to get a book to take home for the week. They also have leveled readers that they can take home and a book from Mrs. Martin’s

  • Classroom Reflection

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    enduring question is how to analyze perspective from different view points. To be a successful citizen in a diverse and democratic society, analysis of different view points is essential, so is the ability to collaborate with different people. In this classrooms, learners showed that they understood the concept that different people have different view points. The students also demonstrated they were able to work in a team setting. 2) What are some other learning goals and how students are doing in term

  • Teaching Styles For Student Understanding And Creative Thought

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    styles’ adaptability, teachers must accommodate and adapt their teaching to ensure student understanding and creative thought. Through tactical teaching styles that adapted and fitted the students, students were able to understand and learn to the best of their abilities when taught by Mrs. Graham and her colleagues. Needing diverse styles to appeal to them, students need teachers to create creative and interactive ways to make the lessons seem interesting and relatable in their lives. Even at the early