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  • Maskwacis Employment Centre: Case Study

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    Organization Background The Maskwacis Employment Centre (MEC) is situated within the Samson Cree Nation in Treaty 6 Territory in Alberta. MEC was created in partnership with the Ermineskin Cree Nation, Louis Bull Tribe, Montana Cree Nation, Samson Cree Nation, Alberta Human Services (Alberta Works) and what was then known as Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (now Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada – INAC) in 2008. “In developing MEC, the Hobbema First Nations envisioned a center

  • Negative Effects Of Oil Drills

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    Being the second largest producer of oil in Canada, oil is big business in Saskatchewan. Oil mining brings in hundreds of millions of dollars for the Saskatchewan government every year, but is the money really worth it for the amount of damage it causes to the earth? Since 1990, there have been 18 893 incidents of oil being leaked in Saskatchewan. In these incidents, about 31.7 billion liters of oil has been leaked, but only 287 million liters of that oil has been recovered. Extruding oil can release

  • The Cree And The Lakota

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    this land for tens of thousands of years, hence an incredible amount of diversity exists among the cultures here . The two cultures focused upon in this essay are the Cree and the Lakota. THE CREE The Cree constitute the largest indigenous group in Canada, with over 200,000 members living in Canada alone . Scientists believe that the Cree descended from the people who crossed the Bering Strait during the last Ice age. Evidence suggests

  • Movie Analysis : Atlantis : The Lost Empire

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    Atlantis: The Lost Empire is a Disney animated fantasy movie set in 1914 following the main character Milo James Thatch as he practices a speech he prepared for his bosses about finding the lost city. As the movie continues as he is fired, then found by a woman who leads him to a man claiming to be his grandfather’s best friend [Preston Whitmore] and is willing to fund Milo’s expedition. At first, Milo is hesitant, but when Whitmore offers Milo his grandfather’s greatest find: The Lost Shepard’s

  • Stereotypes In Disney's Atlantis : The Lost Empire

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    Washington & Jefferson College Stereotypes in Disney’s Atlantis: The Lost Empire Marilyn Burkhardt FYS Dr. Ficco Due: 12/7/2017 Since the release of the first full length Disney movie in 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the studio began releasing many other classic movies, appreciated children, teens, and adults alike. Disney, which is often associated with fun, fantasy and happiness, unfortunately, is not quite that innocent or simple. This is due to the fact that in most (if

  • Summary of Proud Family Show

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    Summary of Proud Family Show The first episode was aired in the year 2001 on the Disney Channel. Main Characters: Family Characters are Penny, Oscar, Trudy, Suga’ Mama, baby brother Cece, and baby sister Bebe. Friend Characters: Dijonay, Zoey, Sticky, and LaCienega. Bullies: The Gross Sisters Summary of Proud Family Show The show is about a African American 14 year old teenager, Penny Proud, and her life in a wacky family, her eccentric friends, and even the bullies in her life. This show shows

  • The Proud Family Satire

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    You are six years old, freshly woken up, haven’t even brushed your teeth yet. You rush downstairs to the basement, quickly cozy into the couch, and turn on the TV. To your amusement, your favorite show is on—The Proud Family. Your attention is captivated by the television. You begin to sing at the top of your lungs, “THE PROUD FAMILY, THEY’LL MAKE YOU SCREAM, MAKE YOU WANNA SING..” and so on. Why is it that you are so infatuated with this show? Is your gratification satisfied by the cultural representation

  • Identity In Joseph Boyden's Three Day Road

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    of tea?” (144). Although his British accent appears to be a convoluted joke, Elijah is really abandoning his Cree language in favour of a British accent to please his peers. Despite the native language being an essential part of his childhood identity, Elijah succumbs to the white man’s perceived notions of the Cree language being related to witchcraft as he strips away his native language to fit in with the others. This sudden transformation to match a white man’s identity ultimately results in an

  • Native Language And Indigenous Language

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    Language is one of many components that identify a group of people to their culture. Unfortunately, there are quite a few obstacles that challenge indigenous people learning their native language. The loss of a language distances groups farther from their native roots, which is exactly opposite of the efforts being made in Canada. Learning and practicing an indigenous language fulfills one’s role as an engaged citizen and allows for engagement within a culture. The McGill Tribune published Jenny

  • The National Reading Panel Report

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    approach promotes the use of letter tiles, magnetic letters or moveable alphabets to teach word blending and segmenting. The physical act of pushing together letters and taking apart words has a powerful effect on children’s understanding of these language processes (Konza, 2016, p. 158). Additionally, children should learn some common letter combinations and whole words, to the point of automaticity and immediate recognition. These are referred to as sight words as they can not be decoded or sounded