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  • The Racial Logic Of Grey 's Anatomy

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    other medical shows] by creating a diverse world of doctors - almost half the cast are men and women of color - and then never acknowledging it” (Fogel 2005). Grey’s Anatomy appeared on ABC in March 2005. Five surgical interns, Meredith Grey, Cristina Yang, Isobel Stevens, Alex Karev and George O’Malley, competing and negotiating their work and relationships with each other and their three supervisors, Derek Shepherd “McDreamy,” Preston Burke, and Miranda Bailey. Rhimes described her hit show on

  • Analysis Of I Love Lucy

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    Rewinding back to the 1950’s, I Love Lucy was one of the most popular sitcoms on television. There were two main characters and they happen to be married. The husband’s name was Ricky and the wife’s name is Lucy. Ricky is a talented singer and part of a band. On the other hand, his wife strives to be famous and share her talents with the world. Her husband claims that she has no talent and she would be better off staying at home to be a housewife. Throughout the show, Lucy finds herself getting into

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Looking back at the 1800’s, the life expectancy of the average adult has nearly doubled in the last two hundred years. At birth, the life expectancy in the 19th century was a meager forty years. Today, the average human is expected to live even to or beyond eighty years old. While factors such as sanitation, eating habits and general health knowledge have all drastically changed, our longer lives can usually be contributed to one thing: the development of medicine. From the breakthrough discovery

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    Traditional Chinese medicine has had a broad history and with it even broader applications. It has seen use for over twenty-five thousand years within China's borders and is still being used, researched, and refined in modern times. The concepts of traditional Chinese medicine found it’s basis in the philosophy of Taoism, which focuses on balancing the body with environment to achieve optimum health and sustainability as opposed to treating illness by itself. The emphasis on harmony originates from

  • China, A Home And Folk Remedy

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    customs and beliefs. In china, a home and folk remedy is a conventional way of treating illness and is preferred over the western medical practices. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). Some orthodox Chinese communities assume that incongruity of qi and yin and yang disturbs the health of people. (Dixon.B, 2009, pp. 4-5). The beliefs can have peculiar or edifying influence on health as

  • Analysis Of Yin Yang Way Of Thinking

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    Thy Nguyen PHIL-104 Sec 04 Asian Philosophy First Versions of Term Papers Yin-Yang way of Thinking Yin – yang is a Chinese philosophical way of embracing human thought which considers two dimensions including humanity, character, and situations in life. This philosophy emphasizes that two complementary forces exists in the universe that are mutually opposed to one another but still remain in unity. According to “Hegelian, Yi-Jing, and Buddhist Transformational Models for Comparative Philosophy”

  • Foundation Of Yin Yang And Its Application On Traditional Chinese Medicine

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    of Yin-yang and Its Application on Traditional Chinese Medicine In Chinese philosophy, the symbol yin-yang represents the two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life. It describes how opposite forces are actually interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. The origin of yin and yang came from the observation of nature and the environment. “Yin” referred to the shady side of a slope while “yang” referred to the sunny side. The concept of yin-yang lies at

  • An Argument Of Humanity, Justice, Horror, Duty, Mercy, Hope

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    in the argument of humanity, in its relation to morality. The question of morality is the question of virtue or in this case the fight between good and evil, also know as yin and yang. The usage of colours black, white, brown, blue, green, yellow, and red, stand alone are to effective describe good or evil, yin or yang. The colours are also mixed to show the coexisting harmony of the colours together can bring about a heightened form of destruction or form of good. For much of the film the colour

  • The Principles of the Yin and Yang Essay

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    The Principles of the Yin and Yang The principle of the yin and yang is embedded in all facets of my life. But its operations have taken the subtlest of forms, unfolding through a kind of shy conspiracy, an inner dynamism in the nature of things. Such qualities are inherent in the way Chinese traditions view things, as the web that has no weaver, an intricate and interlaced patterns of relationships of all that there is without a known creator and creation day. It

  • The Role Of Power And Control In The Hour Of The Star

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    are also at the center of expectations for men by socially constructed male gender roles. Power and control are key aspects that drive motivations and achievements, but can prove to be oppressive if enforced on others. Clarice Lispector and Gene Luen Yang provide their own perspectives of the influence of power and control on the development of identity through the exploration of gender and race, respectively, in different cultural settings. [main point of this paragraph: talk about similarities and