Critical infrastructure

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  • Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity

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    The core of this framework has five basic functions as it relates to cybersecurity: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover (Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity). With regard to required compliance versus voluntary security, compliance with regulations does not ensure security. The BES consists of both generation and transmission assets and devices, but does not include system distribution

  • Water Supply As A Critical Infrastructure

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    with Ebola or any plethora of deadly viruses. Following such a tragedy to conclusion would leave thousands or possibly millions dead depending upon the detection and response procedures. It is no surprise that water supply is considered a critical infrastructure. This paper will discuss these topics in depth to cover what measures are currently in place to detect water anomalies and response methods to any such contamination, accidental or intentional. Furthermore, we will look at how water is

  • A Critical Infrastructure Protection Is Not Just A National Issue But Also A Global Responsibility

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    EDM: Case Four Name Institutional Affiliations Introduction Critical Infrastructure Protection is not just a national issue but also a global responsibility. Perl Report introduces the importance of International Cooperation. The accrued benefits increase the desired need to form agreements between nations to share necessary scientific knowledge helpful in mitigating vulnerability. For example, the agreement between German and Homeland Security of the United States provides collaborative

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection

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    Introduction When it comes to protecting an infrastructure, careful planning and coordination needs to take place. Protecting an infrastructure takes an important security initiative called Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP). The United States critical infrastructure is protected by the Department of Homeland Security. Examine three areas of the Department of Homeland Security: mission, operations and responsibilities The first area is the Department of Homeland Security’s mission. The Department

  • Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources

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    Our critical infrastructure is vital to our nation’s operations and any disruption to services can have catastrophic outcomes to critical components of our country’s assets. The private sector owns approximately 90% of our critical infrastructure and dependencies between systems make it difficult to show critical cyber threats within the United States. Threats between state and non-state actors continue to exponentially destabilize security and privacy. Although attacks to date haven’t caused

  • Critical Infrastructure Sectors: The Department Of Homeland Security

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    Introduction The Department of Homeland Security is task with a very important job of coming up with a critical infrastructure and key resources sectors in order to properly protect, withstand, and rapidly recover from all hazards whether is natural disasters or from a terrorist attack. Through a critical infrastructure set in place the Department of Homeland Security can provide strategic guidance to the public and private partners, encouraging national unity of effort, as well as coordinating the

  • Essay about Assignment 2: Critical Infrastructure Protection

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    Assignment 2: Critical Infrastructure Protection Eustace LangleyCIS 502 May-23-2013 Facilitator: Dr. Gideon U. Nwatu Strayer University Critical Infrastructure Protection Introduction The Presidential Policy Directive (PPD) on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience advances a national unity of effort to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, February 2013). It is imperative for every nation

  • Critical Infrastructure Vulnerability

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    choice for this session Long project is Critical Infrastructure Protection Cyber Vulnerability Assessment. The cyberspace is described as the unit source of all the infrastructure in the US. Critical infrastructure vulnerability and protection is defined in parts by different scholars. The phrase does not exist in full from the literature. However, (Parks, 2007) defines critical infrastructure vulnerability as the risk of setting up interdependent infrastructure. (Parks, 2007) Argues that the society

  • What Is Critical Infrastructure

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    I believe that the uncertainty as to what is critical infrastructure and what do we protect comes with our differences as people and what we as individuals believe is important to support daily living and what isn’t. Is it transportation, if so which mode; air, rail, maritime? I think we can all agree these are critical, and protection of these should be a priority. How important is the power grid? An Electromagnetic Pulse is considered a real threat, but there has been little to no preventive protection

  • Terrorism : Terrorism And Its Impact On The World

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    harm or shut down critical national infrastructures” (p. 130) with the intention of coercing or influencing the government. Cyberterrorism has been under scrutiny by security management and the government since the mid-1990s and the threats became acknowledged since the 9/11 attacks. Since all daily operations within government and private sectors involves the use of information technology, and critical infrastructures also rely heavily on information technology, it is critical that the government