Cross-country cycling

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  • Persuasive Essay On Road Biking

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    Road biking is an awesome way to amplify your fitness should you decide to add it to your training. First and foremost I have always been a mountain biker, with cyclocross being a close second. I much prefer dirt, dust, mud, and rocks in contrast to smooth black tar of the roads. Playing amongst the trees and bushes is a frivolity that I enjoy often. Wheels flicking through the loose terrain, sliding left, sliding right, barely in control of your machine but yet always somehow making it to the bottom

  • Essay on Five Miles

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    chores. Part of my private school life was required physical education. Coming from public school, I wasn’t sure what to expect from physical education, but after some rationalization, I arrived at joining the cross country team in order to fulfill my requirement. I arrived at cross country through the process of elimination. I couldn’t kick a ball and run in a straight line at the same time; no soccer. My arms weren’t the size of tree trunks and I didn’t especially like being smelly and hitting

  • My Personal Experience In My Life

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    very disciplined. My life basically centered around video games with friends and sports. I participated multiple sports such as cross country, nordic skiing, baseball, and track. As I grew older I naturally became more confident, disciplined, and outspoken but not as much as I would've like to have been. In junior high, I looked up to the varsity runners on the cross country team. It was a goal of mine to be on that team and to do well, I never thought it would actually happen. In my senior year it

  • Descriptive Essay About Running

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    the hallway in the school and a teacher stopped me and asked, “Are you doing cross country.” When she said cross country my eyes opened. This is the first year when you can do cross country.Then I remembered that It was so far away from now. It's going to be 2 months till practice starts. So later on in middle it was finally time for the first cross country practice. When I showed to my first practice of cross country I got surprised to see tall, long-legged, fast people zooming pass me. Like

  • The Importance Of High School Sports

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    accomplishments. As a child, running never appealed to me, and I dreamt of becoming a professional basketball player. I have since decided not to participate in basketball and focus solely on cross country and track, as running has become my basis for life. During my freshman year of high school, I decided to run cross country, as I was

  • Purpose And Benefits Of Fitness Testing

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    understanding where you stand, your strengths and weaknesses, how you’re going to design an efficient training program etc. it gives a insight of what you need to work on for further improvement, an Example for fitness testing includes cross country. For the cross many fitness components are used e.g. cardiorespiratory system which efficiently provides oxygen to the working muscles in the body. The testing required for cardiorespiratory testing Is the beep test, the beep test will help to successfully

  • My School Day

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    wing. As I walk towards the trophy case, I am walking by memory because i am distracted by my own thoughts floating through my head of all the things I need to do before the day ends. My ends go back to focus and I find myself with the rest of my cross country team. Today is Tuesday, and we have a meet. Tuesday is the longest day of my week. After going to school for seven hours, I have to travel to a park to run five kilometers in a face paced environment. I then come back nearly dusk, and finally

  • My Sister, My Heroine

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    My Sister, My Heroine “Buck up Buttercup,” (Wood). Something I have been told my whole life, and have recently learned to appreciate. My sister, Tanya Jai Peterson Wood, has said to me to “Buck up Buttercup” many times under a vast variety of circumstances, to the point where I say it to others, and think it even when TJ is not around. TJ has made the biggest difference in my life, and is my heroine. I chose TJ to be my heroine because she is the most real to me; she has most changed my life and

  • Essay About Winter Vacations In Ontario

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    Enjoy great winter vacations in Ontario Ontario is your perfect winter fun wonderland for snowboarding and tubing or downhill skiing. You can venture out and explore the pristine cross-country ski and snowshoe trails. Ontario is situated in a natural snow belt and it is blessed with lake effect snowfalls all through the winter months. Ontario is about 45 minutes north of Toronto and the area receives an approximated 100 inches of snow each year. The powerful state of the art snow making and grooming

  • Narrative Essay On My Michigan Hero

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    5,9 and he is really buff. Kurt is 19 and freshman at Albion College. He runs cross country and now he is the 4th fastest runner on the team. At the start of the season he was 13th and now he is on varsity and going to Regionals. My brother Kurt inspires me because he always tells me, “Never give up and in return, anything can happen.” Kurt has been running cross country sense he was my age. Kurt ran cross country when he was growing up and now he has inspired me to run because it is an amazing