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  • Teesdale Essay

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    Teesdale’s industrial heritage is just as enticing as its scenery, and this walk has a good mixture of the two. The woodland around Hudeshope Beck sustains a rich variety of wildlife and makes a superb finish to the walk. Middleton-in-Teesdale, revered as the capital of Upper Teesdale, lies in the very heart of the most beautiful and enchanting scenery that one can imagine. The village was founded c.1031, when King Cnut granted it, as part of a much larger estate, to the monks of St Cuthbert at

  • Analysis Of 'The Dream Of The Rood'

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    he knows it is for the benefit of all mankind. In the poem, the rood, or cross, is depicted as the individual telling the story of the crucifixion. The poet writes the story so it is understood that the cross is, like Jesus, a warrior. If the cross can tell a tale it is assumed that it would possess the ability to experience feelings. By explaining the cross’ experience in the way the poet does it is easy to see how the cross possesses warrior-like characteristics. I trembled when the man embraced

  • Reflection Paper

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    sick? I’ve ask myself these questions while running Cross Country for six years. But, nothing can really prepare me for what’s ahead when I’m running. When that gun goes off and everyone starts running, it’s a totally different environment. My dedication and pride got me through coming in last for four years of cross country. I learned this exact lesson as journeyed my way to each finish line, making me stronger each time. One thing that makes Cross Country unique from all other sports, the individual

  • Descriptive Essay About Running

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    admiration for running started when I was young, now every time I go for a run I am reminded of the little girl who dreamed of running. When I was in elementary school, my parents forced my brothers to join the Topeka High cross country team as a way to keep them busy. Cross country is a sport in which individuals from teams run a long distance race on natural terrain, the races are usually 3 miles. As soon as I went to their first race I became fascinated with the sport and team. The team seemed

  • The Wanderer Poem Analysis

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    everything is fleeting is emphasized to show the significance of the comitatus. Furthermore, the beauty of the relationship is shown by contrasting the shame that the Wanderer feels at the end of the poem to the honour and glory that is thrown upon the cross after it willingly suffers along with Christ. In all, the ideals of the comitatus during the Medieval Times are clearly advocated through the illustration of the physical intimacy, shame and honour involved in the two poems. To start off, the two

  • Descriptive Essay About Running

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    around the hallway in the school and a teacher stopped me and asked, “Are you doing cross country.” When she said cross country my eyes opened. This is the first year when you can do cross country.Then I remembered that It was so far away from now. It's going to be 2 months till practice starts. So later on in middle it was finally time for the first cross country practice. When I showed to my first practice of cross country I got surprised to see tall, long-legged, fast people zooming pass me. Like

  • Narrative Essay On Running High School

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    the sky, and after it disappeared leaving the world dark. I fell in love with running in every step I took. The next year, I made the decision to run cross country with the high school and I fell in love with running even more. The greatest feeling I have ever felt is coming around to the finish line, about to set a new personal best, and having your whole team scream out your name as you throw it all into the final sprint. But soon cross country ended, and since I wasn’t allowed to run track with

  • Reflection Paper On Cross Country

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    Last year my cross country season was going great I was redshirted and was put into uniform. I was at the peak of my athletic ability and school was going pretty good. Coming into this cross country season I could feel that I was not fit as last year which created a lot of concern for myself. I did everything that the coach told me to do and yet my body didn’t feel good at all. We got together at our cross country camp which is the start of our cross country season and our first workout I struggled

  • State Cross Country Meet Essay

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    I can still remember the day I ran at the state Cross Country Meet. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. It took place in Round Rock, Texas during my sophomore year in high school. I never forget that day; it is a great experience for anyone to get to go through. It was 11:45 a.m. as I was standing outside getting ready for the big race. It was cold, wet, and gloomy outside and sleeting out really hard. Getting closer to the race, I decided that it was time for me to begin

  • US Marshal: A Short Story

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    things go tits up with the new chick keep me in mind.” “I feel obligated to inform you that your derogatory attitude towards our female team members factored strongly in our decision to go in a different direction with your position.” The man’s mouth fell open in apparent shock. Jared tilted his head and pursed his lips together as he considered whether or not the man could possibly be that lacking in self-awareness. “I can’t believe you’re surprised by that information. This isn’t 1964. Female officers