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  • Designing Design And Application Design

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    Because RPP was unable to have the application developed at this time, objectives 5-7 were unable to be completed. However, the modified objectives were successfully completed. These objectives encompassed creating an up-to-date GeoMedia database compatible with Smart Client, designing the application, and performing an economic feasibility study. Moreover, the application design involved all technical sight triangle calculations. Once RPP has the financial resources available, the application design

  • Active Crossing

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    Active crossings include crossbuck signs, flashing lights, an alarm bell, and gate arms blocking the right side of the road. Along with that, unless the crossing is in a “quiet zone” (A crossing in a residential area where engineers are instructed not to blow their horns unless necessary

  • Kinetic Energy: Stopping Distance Of A Small Vehicle

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    1.Objects that are moving will continue moving unless they are stopped by some other force, so if a seatbelt isn't stopping the person, the dashboard, windshield, or even an object outside the vehicle will, leading to severe injuries or even death. 2. When you double your speed, the kinetic energy of your car is four times as great, making the braking distance four times as great too. 3. For the same Kinetic Energy the stopping distance of a small vehicle will be less than the larger vehicle due