Crown Heights, Brooklyn

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  • The Crown Heights Riot Of 1991 Essay

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    The Crown Heights Riot of 1991 Anti-Semitism has been prevalent throughout the world since the establishment of the Jewish religion and unfortunately, traces of it can still be found to this day in the United States. What exactly is anti-Semitism? It is the intense dislike for and prejudice against the Jews; it can range anywhere from simple opposition to the Jews to vicious hatred displayed through physical torment. Some examples of the more publicized cases of violence against the Jews include

  • Crown Height Riots

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    were rampant in Crown Height, Brooklyn. The Crown Height riots of 1991 brought racial and religious clashes between the African-American and Orthodox Lubavitcher Jewish community. Rabbi Menachem M schneerson the revered and respected head rabbi of the Lubavitcher Jewish people was part of the 3 car motorcade that struck and killed Gavin Cato and badly injured his cousin Angela Kato. The rebbe had an NYPD escort for all his cemetery visits.(According to the article Crown Heights erupts in three

  • Descriptive Essay: The Healthy Neighborhood Of Brooklyn

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    Every neighborhood in Brooklyn is unique, with its own style and culture accented by tastes and smells on every block. NY’s Brooklyn Flavors has captured these neighborhoods in their line of high quality, handmade organic bath products, skin care products, and soy candles. Bedford-Stuyvesant: Known for its gorgeous brownstones, this historic neighborhood is tight knit and down to earth. The earthy scent of sandalwood, jasmine, cedarwood, and patchouli represent this community well. Canarsie: The

  • The Role Of Economic Inequality In The United States

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    What is inequality? It is the difference or variation in size, amount, rank, quality, social position or the fact that one group is more privileged than the other, or it can be based on the unequal opportunity of certain groups on the society. Based on the book ‘’social problems’’ by John J. Macionis, he said that there is an unequal distribution of economic resources, which means that one part of the population has more they suppose to have that the other part does not have enough to support itself

  • Ambush Neighborhood

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    was consider one of the oldest neighborhood in Brooklyn- Flatbush. To be honest, I didn’t know must about this neighborhood prior to this research. The only thing that I knew about was when I first came to the United States; Flatbush was a pretty bad neighborhood to venture at night. The reason was because, we could always heard in the media about shooting happened inside that neighborhood. One of my relative even told me that don’t enrolled in Brooklyn College when I was still in high school because

  • Gentrification In Brooklyn

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    brought in new software engineers that have caused local rents to skyrocket and people to move out of the area. However, just as importantly has been the influx of new money to Brooklyn, where local neighborhood changes have forced people from their homes, traditional music to be replaced, and old businesses to go bankrupt. Brooklyn is the most heavily populated

  • Ethnic Tension Research Paper

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    (Sonia Sotomayor). There are so many different ethnic conflicts in the world. Whether it be from the past or sometime recent. Ethnic tensions in the United States include events that happened because of it including the Red Apple boycott, the Crown Heights Riot in 1991, the 1993 killing of five and wounding of 19 on the Long Island railroad, etc. “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” (Abraham

  • Dr. Julia M Sharp Accomplishments

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    in clinical excellence. Reflecting on their contribution to the medical community. Dr. Julia M. Sharp has been a formidle force, and has continuously strived to improve the lives of those around her. Dr. Sharp was born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. In 1990, Dr. Sharp began her undergraduate career at Columbia University. Unlike many of her peers,

  • My Name Is Justin Dann

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    she lived with her brother and two sisters. When my mom was working and able to buy her own apartment she had my brother, and shortly after that I was born. Growing up in my neighborhood was really fun. I grew up with all my friends in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Some of my friends and I joined the football team in my

  • Hasidic Jewish Culture

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    Imagine going back in time to a tight, religious group that is strict in its ways. You can just go to Brooklyn, New York to experience it all. The culture, dress, and language has not changed since the second quarter of the 18th century. The life of Hasidic Jews is radically different from everyday American life. Hasidism is very present in Brooklyn, New York. It is located in Crown Heights, Williamsburg, and Boro Park. It is very cult-like in its demand for complete and blind faith on the part