Crown Heights riot

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  • The Crown Heights Riot Of 1991 Essay

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    The Crown Heights Riot of 1991 Anti-Semitism has been prevalent throughout the world since the establishment of the Jewish religion and unfortunately, traces of it can still be found to this day in the United States. What exactly is anti-Semitism? It is the intense dislike for and prejudice against the Jews; it can range anywhere from simple opposition to the Jews to vicious hatred displayed through physical torment. Some examples of the more publicized cases of violence against the Jews include

  • Crown Height Riots

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    and riots were rampant in Crown Height, Brooklyn. The Crown Height riots of 1991 brought racial and religious clashes between the African-American and Orthodox Lubavitcher Jewish community. Rabbi Menachem M schneerson the revered and respected head rabbi of the Lubavitcher Jewish people was part of the 3 car motorcade that struck and killed Gavin Cato and badly injured his cousin Angela Kato. The rebbe had an NYPD escort for all his cemetery visits.(According to the article Crown Heights erupts

  • Ethnic Tension Research Paper

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    including the Red Apple boycott, the Crown Heights Riot in 1991, the 1993 killing of five and wounding of 19 on the Long Island railroad, etc. “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves” (Abraham

  • Fires In The Mirror Analysis

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    Fires in the Mirror explores a racial conflict in Crown Heights between its Jewish and Black community members. The car accident that led to The Crown Heights Riots is slowly pieced together for the audience through interviews from community members directly and indirectly involved in the conflict. Each community member was interviewed and their interviews were then turned into monologs, originally intended for a one-person play. Maintaining where the person was at the time of their interview and

  • Analysis Of Anna Deavere Smith's 'Fires In The Mirror'

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    Smith in her interviews portrays that this community fails to do so. Because of this, the reintegration becomes an irreparable breach between the two. Consequently, due to the social clash between the Black and Jewish communities, the city of Crown Heights becomes socially segregated. Individuals interviewed in this play are heavily indulged in looking at what segregates them from one another that it leads to individuals pointing fault or playing victim, which inevitably will never lead to a resolution

  • Racism And Personal Identity By Anna Deavere Smith

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    treated less fairly than others similar situation just because of their race, color, and ethnic origin. Anna Deavere Smith uses the play Fires in the Mirror to show the audiences different points of view, as well as, the opinions on the issue of the riot bases on two sides. Each section of the play is centered on a different theme, but all mergers to one theme of racism. Through the words through the different interviews, Anna explores how and why individuals signal their identities. She also explores

  • Aristotle's Idea of Tragedy and the Play "Fires in the Mirror"

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    Aristotle was a phenomenal Greek philosopher. His words and thoughts inspired millions, and continue inspiring today. He taught lessons to those who would listen, he preached his scientific findings, but above all, Aristotle enjoyed the theatre. In fact, Aristotle had his own views about different genres. Today we will look at tragedy. In Aristotle’s mind, a tragedy was the process of imitating an action which had serious implications, was complete, and possessed magnitude. He even composed

  • Pespsi 349

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    The Supreme Court has cleared Pepsi-Cola of any liability for a promotional flap that sparked lawsuits and riots 14 years ago. The June 15 decision, made public Tuesday, found "no proof of negligence" by Pepsi and said the company should not be held liable for damages. "This should be the defining decision. The lower courts are bound by this decision," said Court spokesman Ismael Khan, referring to numerous suits against Pepsi still pending in trial courts around the country. In the 1992

  • Essay about Anna Deveare Smith's Fires in the Mirror

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    Mirror The language in Fires in the Mirror, by Anna Deveare Smith, is a microcosm for the way in which language creates reality in every community. In Fires in the Mirror, people from different communities in Crown Heights are interviewed on various subjects after the riot that erupted in 1991 between Jewish and Black groups, and in these interviews it is obvious that specific communities develop unique styles of language in order to unite all the members of their particular group. In several

  • Verbatim Theatre Review

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    Verbatim Theatre. Verbatim Theatre first fascinated me in September 2014 when I went to watch ‘Little Revolution’ by Alecky Blythe at The Almeida Theatre, a play constructed of interviews concerning the 2011 London Riots. I instantly felt a connection to this play as the London Riots happened very close to my home and so I was captivated to hear the raw emotion and authenticity coming from the actors, who were imitating real-life people’s words and utterances in real time. Therefore, when the opportunity