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  • Carnival Cruise Lines

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    contributed to the growth of cruise lines are that they took place on the open sea. The possibilities for passengers were endless. It was normal for people to travel by boat for business or as a job, but to travel on a cruise line for vacation on the open sea made the idea of it all exciting and intriguing. Another factor is that the ports that all the cruise lines were embarking from led to a mass market. Another factor that contributed to the growth of the cruise-line industry would be the beginning

  • Carnival Cruise Line

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    EXPERIENCE AT CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES” A Case Analysis Presented to the Faculty of College of Hospitality & Institutional Management of Our Lady of Fatima University In a Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the course Hospitality Organizational Management (HRMPS 15) Submitted by: Zoila S. Pagaacita BSHRM 4Y1-1 Submitted to: Mr. Marc Gerald Pajela Submitted on: February 17, 2013 PART I. THE ISSUE The main issue of the case is how the Carnival Cruise Line can improve their “Fun

  • Carnival Cruise Line Case Study

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    Carnival Cruise Line Case Study Carnival Cruise line has done a tremendous job “staying afloat” during the past recession where vacations and luxury items have suffered. Currently trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) at $35.51 per share with a total volume at 6.2 million, this global cruise lines is one of the largest vacation companies in the world. With multiple cruise brands under the Carnival umbrella, Carnival has diversified globally and proven that every culture loves a good cruise vacation

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Of Carnival

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    Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most profited and vacationed cruise line. All over the world, tourists venture this billion-dollar cooperation and have never thought their business strategy to keep them profitable every year. With all the fun it comes, it has a big price tag to operate these liners. But, their current strategy will eventually decline if the cooperation does not implement new ways to keep the company successful. In the recent years, the Carnival was a successful cruise lines that

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Essay

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    Carnival Cruise Lines: Exploring a Sea of Global Opportunity Carnival Cruise Lines is one of the most successful cruise lines in the world. They have taken an industry that once only catered to the elite and turned it into a possibility for people of varying economic means all over the world. In their quest to provide a service with mass appeal, Carnival has become the very definition of international business. The cruise line industry has seen a substantial amount of growth in the last

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Case Study

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    1972, Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) was found by entrepreneur Ted Arison. Mr. Arison’s vision involved making cruising, a vacation experience once reserved for the rich, available to the all individuals. Carinal Cruise Lines achieved the ability to carry more passengers than any other cruise line, which lead to Carnival becoming the largest cruise line in the world. By 1987, Carnival Cruise Lines earned the distinction, “The Most Popular Cruise Line in the World.” Carnival Cruise Lines is the largest

  • Cruise Marketing Strategies of Carnival Cruise Lines and Thomas Tui

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    209AMG Tourism Marketing 1 Cruise Marketing Strategies of Carnival Cruise Lines and Thomas TUI Monisha Chauhan 3093632 This report will identify the cruise marketing strategies of Carnival Cruise Lines and Thomson TUI in the UK. The report will be comparing each company to the other and how well each company is performing throughout the years gone by. Assessment of their positioning and pricing policies also will be acknowledged. It will also review the

  • Case Study Carnival Cruise Lines

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    1. Executive summary Even though Carnival Cruise Lines’ present is looking positive, there are still some opportunities and challenges. Over the past two years Carnival Cruise Lines has captured transactional data about its customers but to date has not taken advantage of it to create value. And the data also reflect the Carnival relationship with travel agency. Carnival’s reservations office only can get roughly information from travel agency booking. And 85% booking from travel agency with 10%

  • Case Study Of Carnival Cruise Lines

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    FACTS: • The Cruise vacationing and Carnival Cruise Lines was one of the fast growing group of North America in travel sector. • Carnival Cruise Lines had a momentous change from 1970 to 2004, where it went up to more than 10 million from 500,000 passengers. • Carnival Cruise Lines achieved a $1billion stock in 2004 and an increase in the price of per share value despite of the stagnant North American Economy. • Almost one-fourth of the vacation market business is done by the Cruise lines. • Carnival

  • Carnival Cruise Lines Case Study

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    Another corporation that turned into a learning organization is Carnival Cruise Lines, after the Costa Concordia accident. There are several mistakes that occurred in succession to cause the events to unfold as they did. The captain’s first decision was to get close to the shore of Giglio as a “salute” to the island, something that he had successfully accomplished several times. This would have been another successful salute, but the Costa Concordia was moving too fast for getting so close to