Cryptographic protocol

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  • Essential Security Protocol Verification Techniques

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    to look at two essential security protocol verification techniques namely: i. Strand Space Protocol Analyser. ii. NRL Protocol Analyser. The structure and operation of each protocol will be discussed. Usage, strengths and weaknesses, problems and issues, pros and cons will all be highlighted. Finally, a comparison of the two protocols will be conducted to justify the selection of a preferred security protocol verification. Strand Space Protocol Strand space protocol is a framework model for designing

  • Off The Record Messaging Being A Cryptographic Protocol

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    INTRODUCTION Off The Record Messaging being a cryptographic protocol is the most commonly used and famous components of web systems. It works in the way like when two people chat with each other, new encryption keys are created and destroyed. The trend of instant messaging has developed since 1995. There is a great property of OTR i.e. ‘plausible deniability’ which states that after the chat among any two people is ended, a certain key (HMAC) is made public, which makes it impossible to prove that

  • Asymmetric Cryptographic Algorithms For Key Exchange Protocols Essay

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    Asymmetric cryptographic algorithms, such as RSA, encrypt symmetric keys in key exchange protocols and in hybrid cryptographic systems. Furthermore, entities A and B can now use end-to-end confidentiality and integrity services without the cooperation of any third entity. For example, users can exchange secure e-mail and securely access Web content on an intranet without the immediate cooperation of a mediating server such as CA. Author in [17] introduced a new combined cryptographic method called

  • Optimal Communication Of Real Time Data On Secure Cdma Ip Ran Network

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    developed for image and audio data transmission over a wireless channel, having an interference of AWGN noise with fading effects. An optimal spectrum sensing approach for proper resource allocation is developed, and communicated using the secure WeP protocol. The developed approach is evaluated for different communication parameters and compared in comparisons to conventional modeling of CDMA system. The obtained results illustrates an improvement in quality metrics for the developed system, in comparison

  • Cloud Computing Services

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    The popularity of mobile system with the headway in engineering, with the increment of Internet utilization, comprehensively reinvent the old idea of network computing system, to the new buzzword "Cloud computing". Cloud computing is a link way to the usage of Cloud which process by transmitting and receiving files in utilizing Internet. Most systems uses either of the three major models of cloud computing services on the market, which are software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS)

  • Comparing Two Network Security Software Tools

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    Introduction In this coursework, the main aim is to compare two network security software tools using Kali Linux to carry out a type of attack which helps build and develop an awareness to protect computers from varies password attacks. The chosen software tools are offline password attack (John the Ripper) and (RainbowCrack) which they both are from similar Cyber Security attacks under password cracking tools. John the Ripper is free on multi-platform as it combines various password cracking features

  • Cryptography Is A Science That Transforms Information Into Secure Form By Providing Basic Protections

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    E and so on (Ciampa 186). This method of changing the original text into a secret message is called encryption and retrieving back to the original form is called decryption. The clear plaintext is given as input to the cryptographic algorithm. According to Stallings cryptographic algorithms consists of mathematical functions which are used to encrypt and decrypt the data (44). A key is a mathematical value which

  • Encryption Is Just A Fancy Word For Coding

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    Encryption is just a fancy word for coding. When we talk about encrypting we really just mean turning information into really a hard to read secret code. Let’s say we have some secret agents in a movie and suppose there is an agent working in Washington DC they need to send a message to another agent in Russia. The best way for them to do this is by the two of you to meet up in advance, in person, and agree on a method of locking and unlocking all the messages they will send and receive in future

  • Bitcoin And Its Effect On The Success

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    anonymously and makes international payments easier and cheaper since the bitcoin is not tied to any government or any rule and regulation. Since there is no intrinsic value to the Bitcoin, vast amounts of research has gone into the security of its protocol. The original focus of attacks were known as History-Revision attacks, a concept conceived in the creation of Bitcoin. Yet, research has revealed its infeasibility; it can be shown that, mathematically, the probability that a ‘dishonest’ --or fake--

  • Questions On Simple Symmetric Protocol

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    Simple Symmetric Protocol Alice may choose to use the simple symmetric protocol. It requires that Alice and Bob establish a secret key with which the location can be encrypted. The two need to somehow agree upon the secret key in a secure manner- like in a private conversation, for example. The steps to accommodate a secure exchange using a simple symmetric system would be: 1. Alice would type the witness ' location into a simple text file using an editor. 2. Alice would use the Rijndael cipher from