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  • Persuasive Essay On Community Service

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    The options for community service are endless. After narrowing down my options, I applied to volunteer at the Crystal Lake Public Library this past summer. Having to go in for an interview was a new experience for me, considering how I have never applied for a job. I believe that the exposure to the interview process did two things for me: first, it put me out of my comfort zone, and second, it taught me invaluable lessons about applying for future jobs and programs. This is because I am the kind

  • My Favorite City

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    Jinan is a city with a long history. It is more than two thousand years old. Jinan is the capital of Shandong province. It is south to mount tai and north to the Yellow River. Jinan not only has mountains and water but also many places of interest. I am very proud of growing up in this beautiful city. Today, I want to introduce my hometown, Jinan. It's a beautiful city of springs! Jinan is a prosperous and long history city which is famous for springs. Especially “the number one spring”. So, It’s

  • Reflection Paper

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    Central Lakes College, and more specifically to Kent Montgomery, by the S.W.C.D. (the Soil Water Conservation District). In this project / grant I worked with Kevin Gohman and we were asked to go to a set list of lakes in Crow Wing County, and one river in Aitkin county, to take samples of the water and to record data from the lake including: Phosphorus levels, conductivity, temperature, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. We were also asked to record the clarity of the lake using a

  • Geology of Flin Flon Area

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    Flon Field School map area 4 ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- By: Cameron MacKay Introduction - For the period of Sunday, August 28th – Sunday, September 4th, 2011, students from the University of Saskatchewan geological sciences department along with professors Dr. Kevin Ansdell and Dr. Kyle Larson took part in a geologic field school in and around the city of Flin Flon, Manitoba. The purpose of this field school was for students

  • Family Interview

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    Betty grew up in Morgantown, WV, in an exclusive area called South Park. The neighborhood was a well kept area with

  • Physical Trip Essay

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    Hiding all the pressure inside of me and the unknowing stress level was so high that almost totally consumed me. Next morning, we boarded a big 36-person bus leaving for our island tour. Iceland is a Nordic island country in the North Atlantic Ocean. It has an area of 40,000 SQ mi about the same size of Kentucky

  • Tourism of Switzerland

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    miles). The productive area - that is, the area without the lakes, rivers, unproductive vegetation and no vegetation at all - covers 30,753 square km (11,870 square miles). It  measures 220 kilometers (137 miles) from north to south and 350 km (217 miles) from east to west. The Jura, the Plateau and the Alps form the three main geographic regions of the country. Switzerland has a population of 8.04 million. Population density is high, with 195 people per square km (500 per square mile). In the

  • Trade in the Iron Age Essay

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    Distinguishing between the many diverse archaeological periods is typically done in two ways. The first way to differentiate between two periods is to notice if there is a clear boundary or separation among the archaeological remains. The second way is by looking at the periods from a historical standpoint, and noting any major historical event that led to a significant social and/or political change. Though there are other ways to do this, these are the two most common and useful methods. Both of

  • African American Diaspora And Influence Of Environmental Environment

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    2012, p. 1). This combination of interest in African American diaspora and influence of environmental surroundings would lead to inspiring and forming McKayle into a renowned dancer, teacher and choreographer. Prior to McKayle’s senior year in high school he saw a performance by Pearl Primus which made him realize he wanted to become a dancer. He went on to audition for the New Dance Group and was chosen as one of seven dancers. As a member of the New Dance Group he trained in a variety of dance

  • The Science Of Earthquakes And The Geology Of The State

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    The One and Only Oklahoma Robert Adams GEO 101 – Earth Science Colorado State University – Global Campus Heather Hill November 22, 2014   The One and Only Oklahoma Oklahoma is home to some of the most interesting geological and meteorological phenomenon in the world. From savage tornados that have notoriously ripped through small towns destroying everything in their path, to devastating earthquakes that can be felt miles away - Oklahoma is very unique in its geological make up and is also positioned