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  • Recrystallization Of Pure Phthalic Acid

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    Experiment 4: Recrystallization of Pure Phthalic Acid, Benzoic Acid and Naphthalene Introduction Recrystallization is a technique frequently used in organic chemistry to purify solid organic compounds. The goal of this technique is to allow organic compounds to form crystal lattice structures, and to remove any of the impurities that do not align within this crystal structure [3]. The theory behind recrystallization revolves around entropy; as heat will cause a organic compound to dissolve (increase

  • Dimethomorph And Sulfur Fungicide Lab Report

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    The structures of Dimethomorph and Sulfur compounds can be obtained by X- Ray Diffraction method in crystalline form and they will invariably be similar to their structures in solution. We determine the three- dimensional crystallographic structure, molecular dimensional, molecular geometry, electronic structure and the conformation of fungicides and analyze their crystal structures also. The determined of packing diagram and crystal structure of Sulfur fungicide. Sulfur is more information observed

  • Importance Of Hydroxyapatite

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1Importance of Hydroxyapatite Hydroxyapatite is one of the calcium phosphatefamily.It containing water with a chemical formula of Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2. (Yasushi Suetsugu) Hydroxyapatite (HA)is one of the essentialbiominerals of interest in the calcium phosphate based bioceramics and the main inorganic composition of teeth and bone.HA is utilized as material fordental and bone substitution.This is because its similarity in chemical to nature bone matrix .Hence,many research had

  • Compare And Contrast Between The Crystal Structures

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    Paragraph 1: Compare and Contrast between the crystal structures In this paragraph, we will be comparing between the crystal chemistry of the α- and β- FePO4, describing the crystallochemical relationship between the structure and how the structures are temperature-dependent. As FePO4 distinguishes itself from the other isotypes because the ion at the cathode is a transition metal. Transition metals have very low ionization energies, and often high melting and boiling points. When the temperature

  • What Is Spray Solventing?

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    Introduction In many pharmaceutical industries, spray drying is used to create particles that are utilized to form many oral or inhaled drugs. Thus, these particles are designed to be pressed into tablets or dispersed in aerosols. A spray dryer is a processing unit that produces a mist where the solvent is quickly evaporated, leaving particles that are collected in a cyclone. This quick evaporation leaves the molecules fixed in their current positions, preventing the molecules from finding their

  • What Is The Similarities And Differences Of The Α-Fepo4?

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    Paragraph 1 Between α-FePO4 and β-FePO4, there are similarities and differences between the crystal structures and crystal chemistry. Starting off with the differences, one of which is how the quartz behaved at different temperatures. At low temperature, where the α-FePO4 is formed, generally tend towards the values obtained for β-FePO4 at high temperature. This is surprisingly true for all alpha quarts at low temperature, where they shift towards the value of its respective Beta quartz at high temperature

  • Effects Of Point And Line Defects On The Properties Of Graphene

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    Effect of Point and Line Defects on the Properties of Graphene: A Review Rajasekaran G, Prarthana Narayanan and Avinash Parashar* Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee - 247667, India * Corresponding author: E-Mail:, Ph: +91-1332-284801 ABSTRACT New materials with distinctive properties are arising and attracting the scientific community at regular intervals. Stiffness and strength are the important factors in determining

  • A Short Note On Non Conformance Records ( Ncr ) Essay

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    defined is a product or service does not adhere to a process or procedure affecting the quality of service (quality systems, 2015). A Nonconformance record (NCR) documents in detail an identified defect or discrepancy through the use of a centralized database or company internal program so that the information can be reviewed across multiple departments, sites, or locations. This allows the information to be reviewed as a whole, or filtered by user defined criteria. The objective of the NCR is to clearly

  • The Effect Of Pair Of Stone Wales Defects On The Mechanical Response And Failure Morphology Of Graphene

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    Molecular Dynamics Based Investigation to Study the Effect of Pair of Stone-Thrower-Wales Defects on the Mechanical Response and Failure Morphology of Graphene G. Rajasekaran, Rajesh Kumar and Avinash Parashar Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee - 247667, India ABSTRACT Structural defects are inevitable in graphene due to its production techniques as well as chemical and heat treatment processes. These defects in graphene are introduced

  • Tuning Mechanical Properties Of Graphene With Stone Thrower Wales Defects

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    Tuning mechanical properties of graphene with Stone-Thrower-Wales defects - A molecular dynamics study G. Rajasekaran and Avinash Parashar Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee - 247667, India HIGHLIGHTS ABSTRACT Structural defects which are inevitable during the production, chemical and heat treatment processes can affect the mechanical properties of graphene and also defects can be deliberately introduced in graphene by ion beam irradiation