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  • SWOT Analysis: Yorkville Cub Scout Pack 350 Essay

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    Yorkville Cub Scout Pack 350 is a local chartered organization which provides the community with volunteer opportunities and Boy Scout lessons for local children. This organization provides age appropriate lessons on various scouting and life lessons, such as camping, sports, safety, religion, morals, respect, and survival. These lessons are taught through meetings which are organized by age group, focused solely on children who are aged First Grade through Fifth Grade. The organizational structure

  • Persuasive Speech On The Cub World

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    summer of 2016, I worked as a counselor at Camp Cub World. The job didn’t pay too well, but it kept me busy and was a wonderful learning experience while having fun. The camp was built for Cub Scouts, or the little boys younger than fifth grade, and resided just downhill from the main Boy Scout camp, Friedlander. One of the attributes of Cub World that makes it unique is called Challenge Camp. Normally we would hold three or four day camp sessions for scouts, but for two weeks in July, we would bring

  • Great Determinism

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    eventually joining Cub Scouts by myself, and working at it all the way from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade. Not only would I attend the weekly meetings just for my age group, but I also went to various events outside of the usual. Some of these that I remember are cleaning up around the parks and collecting food for the food drive. The food drive had always brought some odd memories because people never knew that we were allowed to help and collect food for the post office. Also in Cub Scouts, very few people

  • Scout Reflection

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    presented Earth Rocks to Cub Scouts who were earning their Merit Badge. As I now reflect on the two sessions I taught that day, I wonder if I could have ever been truly prepared for them. I believed I had everything lined out and timed to take us right up to the time their session was over. However, that was not the case because the scouts knew a considerable amount more about the subject than I realized. I feel honored to have been able to work with such intelligent groups of scouts. During the first

  • Why Do I Want To Go To College Essay

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    We know you lead a busy life, full of activities, many of which are required of you. Tell us about something you do for the pleasure of it. (100 words) Speed, control, freedom. These undeniably satisfactory feelings are difficult to acquire in one’s everyday life. Yet, through my adventures longboarding, I am able to get a whiff of such emotions. As I surf the concrete wave of the hoosier roads, I feel my longboard’s wheels whiz underneath me as if to tell me to go faster. Though I am reaching

  • Scout Monologue

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    food so I can go to my next destination, scouts. I happen to be the oldest scout there, not only by age but by experience as well. Luckily I’m no longer in charge of them and I get to sit back and make sure they don’t do anything stupid to hurt themselves.

  • Scholarship Essay For Cub Scouts

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    I began my scouting career in Cub Scouts in second grade, starting with Pack 100 in New York City. I quickly progressed through the ranks up to Bear, but then I moved to a farm in Upstate New York. I quickly found a new pack, Pack 11. There I participated in all the outings and finished out my ranks, earning every possible belt loop and earning my Arrow of Light award. After that I bridged into Troop 11. The troop pushed its scouts to rank up quickly, so I was able to earn First Class in just

  • Cub Scouts: A Short Story

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    In first grade, my first year as a Cub Scout, my pack and I spent an afternoon at a local bowling alley. After we finished up our games, we followed the manager past the hardwood lanes and through a door located at the back of the building. Surrounded by machinery, we were behind the scenes of a game of bowling. As the balls zoomed back to the players, and the machines straightened the pins for the next round, I thought to myself, “not many kids get to see the back of a bowling alley, and I got to

  • Service-Learning Project: Cub Scouts

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    being able to serve the Arkansas City Public Library or the South Wind Quivera Cub Scouts Pact 328. I will be choosing the service under the South Wind Quivera Cub Scouts Pact 328 to reflect on. The main purpose for Cub Scouts is to prepare them for Boy Scouts. The Cub Scout organization has an age group of seven to ten years old. As far as social issues the Cub Scouts address civic responsibility. Overall the Cub Scouts organization encourage helping develop boy’s character and their participation

  • Wolf Cuck Essay

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