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  • Cultural Relativism And Its Impact On The World

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    Cultural relativism is the idea that all cultures are equal and no one is better than another. This way of thinking was created and elaborated on by three main philosophers. Franz Boas, Alain Locke and Robert Lowie were nineteenth century philosophers who shaped the ideas on concepts of Cultural Relativism. These three men focused on the idea that one cannot judge other cultures because they only see through eyes that have been influenced by their surroundings. They used relativist ideas that

  • The Causes And Impacts Of The Cultural Revolution

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    The Cultural Revolution (1966~1976) was a sociopolitical movement that was both ideological and radical in nature. It was a rectification movement that sought to remold the values and ideas of society and to create a new vision for China, by Mao Zedong. Mao: the Chairman of the Communist Party of China, was determined to forestall the rebirth of the bureaucratic class and its practice of careerism. Within his revolution, Mao initiated purges in order to get rid of China’s old capitalist tendencies

  • The Impact Of Cultural Diversity On An Organization

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    Past experiences have demonstrated that cultural diversity in an organization can lead to issues. For instance, the implementation of a strategy in a context different from where it has been created can be difficult, conflicts between subsidiaries and the headquarters can exist, or management of intercultural teams can be problematic. Walmart in Germany is a relevant example of the cultural context importance when it comes to HRM. In fact, in 1997 and 1998, Walmart acquired two companies in Germany

  • The Impact Of The Chinese Cultural Revolution

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    The Cultural Revolution, which affected China from 1965 to 1968, is the name given to Mao's endeavor to proclaim his convictions in China. Mao Zedong was a Chinese Communist progressive and the establishing father of the People's Republic of China. He had a Marxist-Leninist hypothesis, military procedures, and political approaches which were known as the Mao Zedong Thought. Mao was worried about the traits of post 1959 China. He commented that the unrest had supplanted the old respectability with

  • Cultural Impact On Cross-Cultural Communication

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    country, there are often many business practices that are different and difficult to understand. Cross-cultural communication refers to communication conducted by people from different ethnic, social or gendered backgrounds, that is, communication between people who do not share the common linguistic or cultural values. Through identifying some most important influential factors in cross-cultural communication, the paper points out some steps and sugestions which can be use to make a successful meeting

  • Cultural Differences And The Impact On The Communication Process

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    Cultural Differences and The Impact On The Communication Process Alberts, Martin and Nakayama (2011) describe communication as “ a transactional process in which people generate meaning through the exchange of verbal and nonverbal messages in in specific contexts, influenced by individual and societal forces and embedded in culture.”(p.7) They then go on to state that intercultural communication “occurs in interactions between people who are culturally different.”(p.122) Cultural differences thus

  • Cultural Intelligence And Its Impact On Culture

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    very important that employees and top management both understand the cultural intelligence so they can execute the effective leadership and management tactics. Cultural intelligence provides an opportunity to understand and effectively function across the different cultures (Dyne, Ang & Livermore, 2009). For any leader to work efficiently and effectively in different culture environment it is very important to have cultural knowledge and adaptability. To work in different culture it is necessary

  • Cultural Relativism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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    Though cultural relativism initially appears to be a logical conclusion for the diametrically opposed cultures of various countries existing on earth, it does not consider the possibility of quantifying specific aspects of society, culture, and an individual’s life to create an objective comparison between cultures. It also does not entertain the possibility of observing that, while there are ideological dissimilarities interspersed throughout the earth, some political, cultural, or religious ideologies

  • Cultural Impact on Effective Styles of Management

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    Consider how culture is likely to impact on: effects management styles? Business customs within a country are an extension of the country’s culture. There are many similarities in how business is conducted from country to country but the differences, if not properly adjusted for, often cause enormous problems. It is not necessary for a business person to forsake their ways and to change to conform to local customs but, rather, to be aware of differences and willing to accommodate those differences

  • Cultural Dimensions And Its Impact On The Corporate World

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    Cultural differences and dimensions are very important when it comes to the corporate world. There have been numerous studies done on individual differences that are seeking out to identify the reasons why people behave in which the way they do. In the United States, it is important to understand each dimension and which cultural dimension we focus on most. In this paper, the five cultural dimensions and how they are implemented in the corporate world will be discussed. Culture is defined as